Monday, September 06, 2010

Unarmed Pizza Delivery Man Killed in Boston

In the liberal if I not socialist state of Massachessets, an un armed pizza delivery man was stabbed to death by some low lifes that lured him there to do their dirty, despicable deed. This outcome is quite different than the outcome of a similar incident in Des Moines a couple years ago.

While the liberal media and politicians will wring their hands and make appearances with the family of the deceased, nothing will be done to empower people to protect themselves. If this man had been armed, the outcome probably would have been different and positive. I feel for this man and his family. Immigrants work their asses off and often come from countries that are relatively lawless if not brutal and in this case, only to face low life brutality while trying to do better for his family.

The answer is not more police officers and not more regulation on knives or guns. The answer is to empower people to be able to protect themselves against the worst in society. While the pizza delivery man in Des Moines was fired, he's alive. That's a lot better outcome than Mr. Nova's.

Massachusetts is one of several states with totalitarian gun laws. I hope gun rights advocates take the opportunity presented here to push for more liberal gun rights in Massachusetts. Yes, you read that right, liberal as opposed to conservative, which would imply restriction. How is that for a turnaround? Wisconsin, Illinois, New York City, California, New York, and New Jersey just to name a few jurisdictions, need to liberalize their gun rights to reflect the natural right of people to protect themselves. If Iowa can go shall issues, so should any other state. I think Mr. Nova would agree, if he could.

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Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Tradgic. I agree on the 2nd Amendment but here in the Detroit Metro area pizza deliveries are red-lined like auto insurance; Too high risk and no delivery in the pizza business, high (very high) premiums in insuramce.

I am in no way justifying the death but mean to say either back up your call to self-defense or in the absense of that draw the line.

This is not discrimination but rather self-preservation either route you go.

The Right Guy said...

Well, he would have been better off carrying even if illegal. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Even so, Massholechesetts needs to become shall issue. No question about it. As far as redlining goes, that's up tot he business. He just worked there.

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