Saturday, June 20, 2009

Moving to Montana Soon? Not so fast: Privacy is not respected there

If you want to work for the town of Bozeman Montana, you may want to think twice. You will be asked for the names of the social networking sites you belong to with the user name and passwords. The mountain states tend to be libertarian, so this comes as a big surprise, and this is clearly over the top. What's next, they will require to search you residence? Your underwear drawer? City Manager Chris Kukulski can kiss my ass and I will tell you that he and others that run the town must be a poor judge of character and/or paranoid if they have to go to those extremes. Big Sky? Big lie. You can keep Montana.

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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Michelle Gives the Malocchio: A picture is worth a thousand words

The South Shore Strega sure gave Carla Bruni the evil eye. You have to believe there is no love lost between those two. carla might get her ass kicked in a fight, but she's got my vote for her sartorial expertise and good sense to marry a conservative. Still, the Obama insanity train goes on with the added staff member of taster. What an indulgence and insult. The more I hear about this Harvard educated finocchio and his family, the more I think they are farcockt.

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Friday, June 05, 2009

Chamberlain Obama: Yes I can, and yes you will

Neville Chamberlain Barack Hussein OBama or NCBHO, is on a world tour to curry favor with people that traditionally hated us. The Mountebank in Chief's latest efforts have been in patriadeprecation, patronization and naive arrogance in an effort to start his path to Secretary General of the UN or President of the World. Aside from defining our country as being a muslim and his apologizing for things he or I or anyone I know ever did, he decided to tell Benjamin Netanyahu what he had to accomplish and by when.

Conventional wisdom by such wizened journaltorialists such as Pat Buchanan is that Netanyahu has to lick the hand that feds him. Israel accepts a lot of foreign aid from the United States and therefore is the junior and supplicating partner in that relationship. I think Netanyahu has to look long and hard at the relationship with the United States. While it is true that Israel does accept a lot of foreign aid, I think in the current context of who is president that Israel has to consider it is truly alone at this point. Netanyahu's allegiances and concerns should be for his country first, job second and everything else last. I won't get into whether or not Israel should or should not negotiate a Palestinian state per se, but it is arrogant for BHO to to make these demands. Right now, Obama's play book seems to be do the opposite of whatever Bush did. Such thinking does not automatically make a policy a good one.

The end game here is Obama being The One for the whole world. I think he truly sees himself as the answer for all problems, salvation for the world. In the end, it's about him, and he doesn't care about Israel, the United States, you or I. So where does this leave Israel? They will have to put up or shut up, meaning either supplicate to Obama or go it alone. If there is a third option, Netanyahu could agree to negotiate, but put conditions on it to save face at home. Even in this case he is compromised.

What is more telling is Europe's response to BHO Particularly by the leaders...To be continued.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Fish Stinks From The Head

I am sure someone out there will accuse me of being an aphorist, but it's hard not to be when there are such good aphorisms. Have you ever heard Steve Jobs say, " Jeez, ya know a Mac is way over priced, even if if it is the best", or Bill Gates say, "Windows is a stinking operating system that should have been scrapped long ago" or better yet, Joe Torre exclaiming how bad the Yankees suck while accepting the World Series Trophy?

I doubt it. I doubt you ever would, even with no one else around. We have a saying where I come from: Il pesce puzza dalla testa. The fish stinks from the head. Obama has a penchant for speaking ill of his homeland when abroad. Colleen Bottalico's mom, Moira Quinn, would have called him a stranger lover. Obviously he thinks this effacement is warranted, and agrees with with it. He must think he is currying favor with foreign nationals. To what end? Does he believe he will run for president of the world? Or does he truly hate this country? May be both? Never trust someone that tries to elevate his/herself at the expense of others. This guy has a combination of a chip on his shoulder, marxist/progressivist beliefs, and the political abilities to get to the office of the presidency, as a shadow candidate no less. I would ask how long before most of realize how disingenuous he is, or to put it another way, when will the stench get to everyone?

It's hard to tell. With the new 4th branch of government, the press, AKA Propaganda and Public Relations, Obama may take his magic act to a whole new level. When he's done, he may make FDR look like Jimmy Carter. I am betting that at some point, the press will get tired of playing step and fetch it and someone will have to look behind the curtain, but who? Bush never had this acquiescent and docile of a press. Can you imagine? I am not taking sides here, only observing. Such obeisance should be disconcerting to journalists. It also doesn't do well for ratings. Have they no pride?

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