Wednesday, July 27, 2011

American taxpayers fund Chinese research

The Andre Controversa Show Presents:

Andrea Lafferty
Our first guest is Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition. She'll be discussing the federal grants that have been awared to Chinese scientists at Chinese universities.

Your tax dollars at work.

Other guests TBA

Host Andre Traversa

Co-Host Jim Lagnese

Show time 7PM CST Thursday

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Confessions, Observations and Projection

I have to admit it. I was on the Islam is to blame train with the Oslo Bombing and Shootings. Shit, I was on the phone with Eric at Libertarian Republican before the news was spread very far and he hadn't heard of it yet. The first thought in my mind was, it was the fucking muslims. I mean they do have a pretty strong history for these things. Instead, we find out that it was a blond haired, blued eyed, crazier than a bag of squirrels cock-sucking son of a bitch. His point of view might be understandable, I mean muslims have immigrated into Europe in such numbers that things are changing for the natives there. Instead of looking for political solutions like a Geert Wilders, he decided to take matters into his own hands. No, he didn't blow up or shoot the muslims, who he hated. He went out and made a bomb with over 13,000 lbs of fertilizer (the Norwegian government was alerted to this) and detonated it in front of the building where the Prime Minister's office is, killing at least 7 people there and went to an Island where he gunned down scores of people killing at least 86. What is even more ironic is that he belonged to a political party called the progress party, which opposed the muslim immigration policies (if you want things back the way they were in the past, how is that progress? Just saying. ) of the Labor Party. He was also a Mason and part of some group called the Knights Templar. I feel sorry for the Masons after this fiasco.

So, instead of some imam in lockup, we have a modern day version of a hitler youth turned mad. What will the Norwegians do? Will this guy get executed? I hope so, and quickly too. Terrorism should be tolerated by any society, although it has in Europe with the likes of the IRA, but that is another story, for another time. Europeans have been way too tolerant of islamists as well. Even the Archbishop of Canterbury says that we might as well give up, as sharia and islam will be "unavoidable".  Still, what to do about it? For one thing, stop being saps and breaking your backs bending over backwards for people that don't respect you. Two, it's time to say enough and put an end to the open immigration policies and put some sanity to whom is allowed in and who isn't. Even though my ancestors came from some of these European countries, I would have a harder time gaining entry for the purpose of citizenship than if I was from Pakistan or the Sudan. That's fucking retarded.

In the end, the Europeans need to start believing their culture is better than anyone else's. Right now they have a moral equivalence about themselves that every culture is equivalent and therefore equal. They aren't. This quest for some sort of egalitarian mantle will only bring about their own demise and furthermore, the people they are trying to please won't give a hoot and will take advantage of their "good will". Basically, the Europeans are naive. They are to blame for this too. Because of their lack of backbone, lack of conviction in who they are, their lack of understanding what is, has allowed a mental case like Anders Breivik to come about. Monsters are a creation of their environment and this guys wasn't dropped in Norway by little green people. No, he's a home grown nut job and he won't be the last.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Andre Controversa Show: Should Russell Pierce be recalled?

From 7:00-8:00PM CST Thursday
Russell Pearce is president of the Arizona Senate and a strong border hawk. He drafted SB 1070. We will have a panel that includes:

Mike O'Neil, President of O'Neil Research, an Arizona polling firm, former congressman from Colorado Tom Tancredo, Matt Toman, chairman of Citizens opposed to the Pearce Recall and Cad Snow, chairman of Citizens for a Better Arizona, who support recalling Russell Pearce.

From 8:00-9:00PM


Host Andre Traversa

Co-host Jim Lagnese

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Heroes and Assholes

Normally, you might find me ridiculing or being hard on Leonard Boswell, the Democrat Congressman from Iowa's 3rd congressional district. I have to tell you I have found some new respect for Mr Boswell. You see, last Saturday night, an assailant entered Mr Boswell's home in Davis City and held a gun to her head while demanding money. Mr Boswell, who is 77 years old, tackled the assailant and in the process broke a rib. His grandson retrieved a shotgun, pointed it at the assailant, who then fled. I have to give props to Leonard, he's no cacasotto, as we say in the old country. He did the right thing, as did his grandson, although I think it would have been better if his grandson sent an ounce and a half of #6 at David Dewberry, who has a criminal history of being a second floor man and he's only 20 years old.

Leonard, ya done good.

Our next award recipient is Lindsay O'Brien, 28 years old, pregnant and from Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. It seems Vaughn Matthews thought he was entitled to her laptop bag and laptop and tried a snatch and grab. Ms. OBrien, over 3 months pregnant, gave chase down the stairs and when confronting Mr Vaughn, he broke her wrist and hit her in the abdomen. For his troubles, Lindsey kicked him twice in the leg, breaking his tibia in two places, which will require two surgeries. Mr Vaughn was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, robbery, theft, receiving stolen property and reckless endangerment. I like it when a plan comes together.

Can you say Mama Grizzly?

Lastly, our asshole award goes to the liberal scum and police in New York City. Jason Fordell was beaten and robbed by four black assailants on the subway who taunted him with terms like cracker and white boy, and were encouraged by other passengers on the train to beat him, one of whom asked to join in and asked "I get a few shots too". This particular asshole, Barminthe Ramoutar of Brooklyn, was arrested. Thing is, the cops didn't think this was a hate crime, but would continue to investigate. Of course of if Mr Fordell had used the term "nigga", I am sure he would have been arrested forthwith. That said, with the detritus that runs the city, it's no wonder. Say what you want about Rudy, but he was straight up compared to who replaced him, who is a bleeding heart asshole in republican clothing.

"I had a whole lot of bleeding from my skull," he said. "My eye is swollen five different colors. There was blood in my urine. I have a footprint on my back and on the back of my neck."
The case is being investigated by detectives, but has not been assigned to the NYPD hate crimes task force because cops are unsure if the suspects were motivated by bias, sources said.
"They have to look at whether that was the motivation before the robbery," a police source said.
Motivation? They are scum of the earth and they did it because he was a white weakling. Of course, according to some civil rights commentators, blacks can't be biased or racist. Res Ipsa Loquitur. If this was reversed, we'd have Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson parading around 260 Broadway with Bloomberg doing his best Lewinsky impression on each of them. Sfacime.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Andre Controversa Show: The Undefeated

At 7:00 PM our first guest is Trevor Drinkwater, CEO of Arc Entertainment, the distributors of The Undefeated, discussion about Sarah Palin to follow.

Show time 7:00PM CST

Call in to the show with 949-203-4821 or stream here.

Host Andre Traversa

Co-host Jim Lagnese

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Is Obama Losing Jewish Voters?

Our 8:00 PM guest is Tevi Troy with the Hudson Institute. He'll be talking about Obama's sinking clout with Jewish voters. Other guests to be announced.

Show time 7:00PM CST. Call in at 949-203-4821 or stream here.

Host Andre Traversa
Co-host Jim Lagnese

Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Undefeated: Sarah Palin

The Undefeated Teaser Trailer from Dain Valverde on Vimeo.

UFOs, ETs and Gay Marriage

The Andre Controversa Show Presents:

Our first guest at 7:00PM will be Craig Huey, running for Congress in a special election in California's District 36. He is running t o repalce Democrat Jane Harman, who resigned after her re-election.

We're doing a panel on the New York gay marriage law; specifically on the lousy religious protections in the law. We have Michael Long, chairman of the New York State Conservative Party, who will be joining us at 7:15.

Our guest for the second hour is Stephen Bassett, director of the Paradigm Research Group, he's going to discuss the evidence for UFO's and ET's.

Host Andre Traversa

Co-Host Jim Lagnese

Showtime 7:00PM CST

Call in at 949-203-4821 or stream here.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Happy Birthday GOP

Jul 06, 1854, In Jackson, Michigan, the Republican Party started its existence at a convention. So, on this July 6, 2011, I wish the GOP a happy birthday. 157 years of supporting such diverse presidential candidates from Teddy Roosevelt to Calvin Coolidge. Lets also not forget that the GOP was the african-american party. That my friend is a very big tent. Hopefully the Tea Party reshapes the GOP for the next 157 years as it lost it's way.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Andre Controversa Show: Jamie Radtke Guest, Virginia senate race v. George Allen

Jamie Radtke is our special guest tonight on the Andre Controversa Show. Jamie is a Tea Party favorite and a Republican running against George Allen for the Republican senatorial nomination versus the incumbent Democrat, Jim Webb.

From her campaign bio:
"Jamie is a principled conservative leader with a passion for fighting to maintain the Founders’ vision of constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, free markets, and virtue and accountability. Prior to declaring her candidacy for the U.S. Senate, Jamie served as President of Richmond Tea Party and Chairwoman of the Federation of Virginia Tea Party Patriots, which the Wall Street Journal described as “the most advanced of any in the country.”"

Show time 7:00PM CST Tuesday July 05

Call in at 949-203-4821 or Stream Here.

Host Andre Traversa
Co-host and Producer Jim Lagnese

Posted by Ran; Photo credit: Kelly J. Mihalcoe

Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Independence Day

In spite of all the festivities, pomp and circumstance, are we any freer than we were 235 years ago? Some may see this as a rhetorical question, some as a ridiculous one, still others won't care a whit, having become accustomed to the hamster wheel.

Recently, I had read a quote by the new age philosopher Vernon Howard, who said: "Our freedom can be measured by the number of things we can walk away from." He also said: "Freedom begins as we become conscious of it." Vernon was one interesting cat and I encourage anyone to check him out. In this context, how many things can we walk away from? Are we conscious of our freedom or lack of it?

To expound on the first question, I'll further ask, can you give up your iPhone or other smart phone, computer, fast food, alcohol, drugs, the need for a bigger house, better car, crappy job, great job, wife, husband, children, petty grievances and desires, hatred of others, hatred of self, religion, god, malignant self-importance, the need always to be right? What are we running from, what are we running to? Some of these, such as family, have certain obligations that are a trade off in whatever perceived freedom might be gained. Some are trade offs that we perceive for some benefit that the do gooders like to call the common good. Still others here are mere objects of desire and delusion that we use to reinforce our sense of self-importance, relevance and perceived fecundity. While some are useful tools, they still latch on like spidey's web, creating dependence that is in fact anathema to being free. Are you willing to walk away, give it up?

To the second question, are we aware of it? Certainly not in a conscious and caring way that would want to remediate it. While in some ways, the impetus of our founding, to be free of the king, is looked on with such anti-monarchial pride, the yoke of taxes, or social, economic, and political burden we have taken on since, makes or genesis seem mild in comparison. Part of it is based in paternalism or what I call the ideology of Farm Animals®, and part in the distraction of meaningless bullshit that we encumber ourselves in everyday life.  Basically we would rather give up personal sovereignty to ensure some sort of guarantee of existence. In other words, safety. In our own hearts be true, we know this and we know how feckless we have become. So we surround ourselves with more stuff in an effort to delude ourselves of what it is real. If you don't believe me, look at it in the extreme with Horders, which is all the reality show rave now. All addiction is based on disconnecting with reality. Reality is harsh, it can suck. Buy more stuff, drink more alcohol, eat more food, do more drugs. It'll all be better in the morning.

Now, back to our collective independence day. Are we more free than we were then? I think not. Collectivism makes it harder if not more difficult to walk away and in a way is the ultimate addiction that is a necessary and purposeful distraction for those who are behind that curtain. Like a cow with a nose ring, we are led around by our noses by those that are less than us and worse, who we appoint, encourage, reward and enable. Democracy has allowed us to become masters of our own enslavement and while not by divine right of a king or queen, we are still slaves, indentured servants and fools.  we still have an awfully long way to go if we want to be considered truly free.

Thank you for reading this blog.

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