Monday, November 02, 2009

Farm Animals:Why Socialism and Marxism Sucks

As a continuation of why we suck, I want to explain my frequent use of the term "Farm Animals".

Farm animals are used for one thing: To Produce. In the case of the picture to the left, the cows here are used to produce milk. Notice the clean, austere, functional, efficient and productive environment. As long as the cows produce, they will be well taken care of.

They get antibiotics, hormones, visits from the vet, kept clean and are well cared for. As long as they produce, they are ok and if and when they are not, they are sent to McDonald's or the rendering house. It's just the way it is. Cows don't have any notion of freedom, and they can't make the rational choice whether or not to be where they are. Still, some would argue that they are better off being milk cows for the dairy.

Humans on the other hand have the power of reason, or so we are led to believe, and because of this, we are supposed to be able to make informed and rational decisions. Yet, despite this, like the fool that keeps playing three card monte, we make choices that make no sense, at least not good sense. With the rise of MaObama, it seems many people are sold on the idea of a socialist/marxist America, where as in Europe, they want the government to take care of them cradle to grave.

What makes such European countries successful is that in order for the system to work, there must exist enough people that produce for the system. You say, "what is the difference between that and capitalism? In capitalism, the workers produce for the "corporations' and companies The differences are that one, that people in a capitalist democracy, and I mean truly both, they have the right and free will to participate to the extent that they wish and whatever they earn (in a perfect world) belongs to them. Hopefully they make rational choices for their lives and can do so without fear. With the former, without producers that give to the system, the system cannot sustain itself. The more the people want from the government, the more will be taken from them by the government.

So, just as the cows are taken care of for the purpose of producing milk, so are citizens of a socialist country for the purpose of supporting the government and its dependents. Their care depends on their contribution. This is observed in every socialist democracy, like Canada, the UK and Australia to name but a few.

The argument can be made that they make these decisions out of free will. This is true under some circumstances, but like most governments, it is harder to take it back after it happens. Another observation is that people become enculturated or you could say that they are domesticated into this lifestyle. Still, the truth is inescapable: Citizens of these countries are like farm animals, producing for a system without rational thought as to why, the consequences, and what other possibilities might be. I would also liken this to the puerile nature of infants. Feed a baby, change it's diapers and give it attention and it will be happy. At what point do people want to be treated as adult human beings, responsible for their own destiny, and make their own way?

Our country was founded by people who were such people who made their own way. It seems to me that we are taking a huge step backwards. I could write volumes on this, but for now, this is it. So, the question is, do want to be free, adult, and responsible, or do you want to be treated as a farm animal, like a puerile child, an infant? What road should America take? Will we suck? :)

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