Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Barack Hussein Obama is the Messiah

I have to admit it. I was wrong. I have come to my senses. Obama is right, and I am wrong. We need government run healthcare, we need tougher environmental laws and regulations. We need to allow anyone that wants to come to this country to be allowed to come in. If fact, the government doesn't do enough for us. It really doesn't as most people are feckless and need the government's help, including myself. In fact without the government and Barack, I am nothing.

I came to these conclusions on my ride home today. I mean, why am I such an unhappy cud? Why can't I be happy like Frank Rich, Tom Friedman, David Brooks, Paul Krugman and even Bill Ayers? What about Maureen Dowd, I mean she is so happy and hot. It's not fair. Then it hit me. It's because I fight too much and don't try to get along with my fellow man. I am in contention with everyone and if I just went along with things, if I just realized that they are right, and I am wrong, I would be a lot happier.

I mean, look at how happy these guys are. They are wealthy, well off, and still help their fellow man. It has to be because of their belief that Barack Hussein Obama is The One, no? How else could it be? I really think the GOP has it wrong. We have become the party of no. If we only learned to get along and do what everyone else wanted, we would be happier. I mean, how much money do we really need? How much time do we really need? It's nothing off my back if I dedicate half my life in time and work for my fellow man, no? Other people need it more than I do and what would I do with it anyway?

So this is it, Barack Hussein Obama must be the Messiah. He's got to be. We really need him. Haven't you seen the happy elementary school children sing about him? I mean if innocent little kids believe it, they have to be right. Kids are so naturally good, that they have to be right about this, and why wouldn't I want to be as happy as they are? I do. Really. It's a blessing.

So today, I confess that I have been wrong all along. That Barack really is the Messiah we've been waiting for and that he's going to make things better for us. If only my friends on the right would have the epiphany I have, they'd be a lot happier too.

Brought to you by the letter A.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Libertarian Politics Live:Pro-Gun Feminists Erika Gonzalez and Hilary Gotz

Where are the feminists who claim to be pro-choice? When it comes to a woman's right to choose, feminists are silent on the 2nd Amendment. What about a woman's right to choose to protect herself against stalkers, rapists, and psychotic exes? With us to discuss a woman's right to self-defense is Erika gonzalez, who spent some time as a quaker but is now a proud gun-owner. Along with Erika we will have Hilary Gotz, another proud gun owner.These young women will discuss their decision to own guns, and what motivated them to do so. Join us tonight at 8-00 p.m. ct, for another edition of Libertarian politics live, which can be heard at Our call-in number is 646-915-9887. Host Andre Traversa, Co-hosts Jim Lagnese and Eric Dondero.

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The Real Anti-Americans

By Pat Buchanan

Posted: March 29, 2010
7:57 pm Eastern

As Democrats, after a Sunday rally on the Capitol grounds, marched to the House hand-in-hand to vote for health-care reform, tea partiers reportedly shouted the "N-word" at John Lewis and another black congressman. A third was allegedly spat upon. And Barney Frank was called a nasty name.

Tea partiers deny it all. And neither audio nor video of this alleged incident has been produced, though TV cameras and voice recorders were everywhere on the Hill.

Other Democrats say their offices were vandalized and they've been threatened. A few received, and eagerly played for cable TV, obscene phone calls they got.

If true, this is crude and inexcusable behavior. And any threat should be investigated. But Democrats are also exploiting these real, imaginary or hoked-up slurs to portray themselves as political martyrs and to smear opponents as racists and bigots.

This is the politics of desperation. Majority Whip James Clyburn accuses Republicans of "aiding and abetting ... terrorism." New York Times columnist Frank Rich compared the tea-party treatment of Democrats to Nazi treatment of the Jews during Kristallnacht:

"How curious that a mob fond of likening President Obama to Hitler knows so little about history that it doesn't recognize its own small-scale mimicry of Kristallnacht."

Kristallnacht, "Crystal Night," the "Night of Broken Glass," was the worst pogrom in Germany since the Middle Ages. Synagogues were torched and hundreds of businesses smashed. Shattered glass covered the streets. Women were assaulted and men beaten and murdered. After that terrible night, half the Jews remaining in Germany fled.

To compare a brick tossed through the window of a congressional office and two shouted slurs to Kristallnacht suggests a growing paranoia on the left about the populist right.

Not since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 made "some Americans run off the rails," said Rich, have we seen anything like this.

Was Rich awake in 1964? Because it wasn't the right that went off the rails. The really big riot in 1964 was in Harlem, lasting five days, with 500 injured and as many arrested. The Watts riot in 1965, Detroit and Newark in 1967, Washington, D.C., and 100 other cities in 1968, all bringing troops into American cities, were not the work of George Wallace populists or Barry Goldwater conservatives. They were the work of folks who went "all the way with LBJ."

Nor was it Young Americans for Freedom that burned ROTC buildings, vandalized professors' offices, toted the guns at Cornell or took over Columbia in 1968. And it was not the Birchers who set off that 1970 explosion in the Greenwich Village townhouse that killed three radicals and aborted the terrorist bombing of the NCO club at Fort Dix.

No, this was not the New Right. This was the New Left, and it was Obama not John Boehner who used to "pal around" with one of the boys who did the Pentagon and Capitol Hill bombings.

As for calling Barney Frank a naughty name, that is not nice. But one wonders what Rich thought of the students marching under Viet Cong flags chanting, about the man who signed that Civil Rights Act, "Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?" and, "Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh, the NLF is going to win," when American boys were dying in the hundreds every week fighting the communist NLF?

The 1967 attack on the Pentagon, where thousands tried to break through military police to get into the building, was the work of left-wing radicals. Did the tea-party folks who chanted, "Kill the bill," outside the House behave worse than that?

Some of us recall the anarchy of May Day 1971, when 15,000 leftists tried to shut down Washington on a Monday morning by rolling logs onto Canal Road, smashing car windows, blocking traffic circles and wilding in Georgetown. Most wound up behind a chain-link fence at the Armory.

How many were arrested on Capitol Hill Sunday a week ago?

Not one tea partier, man or woman.

The "mass hysteria" of the tea-party right, writes Rich, is at root about race. "By 2012 ... non-Hispanic white births will be in the minority. The tea party is virtually all white. ... Their anxieties about a rapidly changing America are well-grounded."

Rich is implying that when America's white majority disappears, in 2042 according to 2008 Census Bureau projections, the day of the white conservative is over.

Given the rise in ethnic consciousness among all Americans, Rich may be right. But it is not just white folks who want illegal aliens deported and legal immigration curtailed, while 25 million of our own are out of work or underemployed.

A Zogby poll for the Center for Immigration Studies found that 56 percent of Hispanics, 57 percent of Asian-Americans and 68 percent of African-Americans think legal immigration is too high.

If the tea-party folks think it is leftist elites who detest and wish to be rid of the America they grew up in and love, they are right.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hidden Payroll Tax for Obamacare

From John Batchelor:

The articulate and pleasantly passionate and photogenic Devin Nunes (CA-21 R) lends a mighty assist to the FNC package on an undiscovered policy IED in the new healthcare genius act -- a new payroll deduction for long-term care that is transparently a tax grab from the young in order to create a revenue river for miscellaneous expenses, such as the budget. The "opt out" clause is a creative way of avoiding calling it a new payroll tax for every human being...Stay tuned.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Real Cost of Obamacare

As Obamacare has passed, now companies will have to pay big time. AT&T has already said it has to book 1 billion of 1st quarter costs because of the bill, and Caterpillar has to pay 150 million. In my own state of Iowa, John Deere has a similar cost of 150 million. Bloomberg estimate that 14 billion will get "shaved" from corporate profits this quarter. This will surely delay any recovery that people were hoping for. I would ask ObaMao, how did his bill create jobs? How does it keep people free and not dependent? Surely these companies will not be hiring many if any people, especially in terms of new positions. THey certainly won't have the money to invest back into the company too. Of course we are getting a first hand look at the effects of socialism and what it will do to the economy. I also have pondered something else too, and I wonder what my readers think: Since medical insurance is normally considered a benefit, how will companies factor in that benefit when they cut back on healthcare plans (which they will in order to avoid thee penalties they are paying) when trying to attract talent? Will we get a $10K raise for the lack of benefits? This also plays into the socialist's hands. Companies will have to cut back on benefits and at some point it will become politically necessary to create a one payer system. This is what MaObaMao wants. At that point, companies will have absolved themselves of any medical insurance costs, and the employee will in essence be stuck paying for it through increased taxes of all kinds. So not only will we not get the difference, but it will come out of our pay check and our pockets. Look at Denmark, where people work more than 6 months out of the year for the government. Farm Animals, every one of them.

The real cost of Obamacare is economic slavery and dependence on the federal government. They want to create a society of Farm Animals where by they tend the flock. It's not about let's all get along: Remember, peace is the absence of opposition, and most of the time that is achieved by some sort of force. Farm Animals are at peace, but they are also kept in pens to produce for the farmer, and exercise no free will, if it could be possible. Think about it. Socialism is a system that extends the Farm System to human society as a whole in a effort to produce a society of subservient and sinecure producers for the benefit of the few. In some ways it makes the slavery system under the old south more palatable, as there was some place to escape to for freedom. These entropic fools want to make it the same everywhere so there is no where to go. This is about enslaving and controlling mankind, not for some system that affords basic needs and wants for it's citizens for some altruistic purpose. Any sacrifice made necessary and promulgated by those in power should be looked at with suspicion and derision. And to paraphrase someone else, look to where that altar of sacrifice is and who benefits. These bastards are nihilistic materialists that look no more upon you than a farmer does with a chicken on the chopping block. You are literally just another brick in his wall. Until people really understand this, that we are just Farm Animals to these people, slaves, then it will always be this tug of war or pendulastic exercise every 10 years between between freedom (right) and slavery (left). These people are not only scum of the earth, but fools.

The real cost of Obamacare and whatever else he tries to shove done our throat is our lives, liberties and our pursuit of true happiness. It is at the destruction of our country, our constitution and our way of life, substituting it with something that is anathema to human dignity, freedom, and self-responsibilty. It's to destroy the human spirit, not to let it fly. What will we do?

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The People's Republic of Canada Limits Free Speech

Canada and Canadians do not believe in free speech. What matters to them is what you say and it has to agree with the liberal elite. If you can believe it, they have hate speech laws that prevent people from speaking the truth or if they do, they can face jail time.

Ann Coulter has a pithy, cutting sense of humor. Even in such liberal bastions in this country as Harvard, Ann has been allowed to speak. In the video above, a marxist dolt tried to justify censuring someone for speaking their mind, when in fact, the crowd at the college was more dangerous and hateful than she ever could be, yet the facia brutta from Canada thinks the crowd had the right to their free speech. Free speech is for all, not just liberals. Ann is Ann, get over it. Diversity means all points of view, not just yours, get it liberals?

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Representative Dingell Talks of Obamacare as a Pogrom:Obamacare will Control The People

Spoken like a true marxist, Dingell can't wait to control the people. How arrogant, deceitful and dangerous.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Told You So

It is finished.

From My post of November 19, 2009:

If you haven't heard it, the vote for Obamacare with probably be this SaturdayDingy Harry has said the vote will be at 8pm, preceded by 10 hours of debate.

I really wish I could speak my mind, but unfortunately, the Secret Service would be at my door in minutes. All I can say is that these fabian socialist cowards have sold us down the river. I can only imagine that they believe that once they do their dastardly deed, it won't matter if they lose their jobs or not. It's like an explorer burning the ship to motivate the troops. It's a suicide move done in the context that they know they've won.

Right now we are facing the most drastic change to our country and economy extant. The government will control 48% of the economy after Saturday. We will be paying for this in advance for 3 years before in takes effect (there is so much wrong with the bill, it would take 10 posts to describe it all), and it will ruin what healthcare most of us do have. Not because they want to give a small percentage of the population healthcare insurance, but because they want people to become accustomed to being on the government dole. Again, they are bribing us with our own money, and we are fools to accept this. This is to create a class of people that are farm animals that will keep the farmers in charge. We are basically done.

The end game of this is to bring our society down to the lowest common denominator and in the end, to create a world where wealth does not exist. Almost everyone will suffer and/or be miserable together, where the ideals of excellence, pride, and self-interest will be no more. We will have become like farm animals producing for the collective. Sure, third world countries will do better than they do now, but it will be at the expense of those of us that have produced, that have risked and succeeded.

I wish I could blame only Obama or even the bunch of democrats in control, but the blame falls with the right as well and all of us. The answer is not the GOP. It never has been. They have been complicit in this debacle and while Rush, Sean and Beck have been wringing their hands (they've done little good), they are just the directors of the bread and circus stage right that have made sure to stash enough way to float out what they have left in there years. We will have three choices: Take the blue pill, the red pill or break out. In other words, we can join the collective, continue to play the loyal opposition, or do something meaningful. What do you want to do? At least John Galt had Galt's Gulch. I don't see anywhere that free men will be able to go, at least in the context of their end game. Like the old Winston commercial, would you rather fight than switch?

If you think I am being overly melancholy, depressive, dark, cynical, or over the top, ask yourself this question: Would you have thought this possible 3 years ago? Two years ago? Even a year ago? Time to wake up McFly.

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If Obama wins...

If Obama wins and gets healthcare, gets immigration reform, gets cap and tax or even one o these, would you leave or prepare to leave at some point? If so where would you go? If not, why would you stay? Rush Limbaugh has kidded about Costa Rica. The truth is, if you have a lot of money, getting dual citizenship is relatively easy. My question is posited because if Obama gets what he wants, what's the difference between us and Canada? The UK? The Right Guy wants to hear from all of you out there.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Libertarian Politics Live Stream

Jon Narcisse, Candidate For Governor of Iowa and guest for second half of the show, James Poulos blogger from

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Libertarian Politics Live:Tonight's Guests are Jonathan Narcisse and James Poulos

Libertarian Politics Live Tonight will feature guests Jonathan Narcisse and James Poulos. Jonathan Narcisse is running for governor of Iowa as an independent and will be featured for the first hour. James Poulos is a graduate student at Georgetown University and will be featured in the second hour of the show where he will discuss National Standards Fixation in regards to federal standards in education. His blog is at

The show is at Tuesday March 16 at 8PM CST. Callers should call (646) 915-9887 and anyone that wants to listen to the stream, please go here.

Hosts tonight are Jim Lagnese, Andre Traversa, and Eric Dondero.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

New Tea Party Member: Ginny Thomas

Wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is the newest member of the Tea Party. According to Fox News, "The wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is jumping on the Tea Party bandwagon with the launch of a new conservative lobbying group and plans to attend some high-profile Tea Party rallies in the coming weeks."
This is big news, as we really do not hear about spouses of supreme court justices let alone the justices themselves take such a public stand. Many on the left will probably poke fun at her and possibly deride her as they have Sarah Palin. Hell hath no fury against a conservative women like a NAG journalist. Fox News Continues:
Ginni Thomas founded the Virginia-based nonprofit Liberty Central back in January. Amy Feather, the group's director of business development and marketing, told that "the hope" is that Thomas will make an appearance at a Tea Party rally on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.

That event, dubbed the "The People's Surge Against Obamacare 2.0," is expected to draw about 2,000 people. Tea Party leaders and other activists are planning to converge on Washington, flood congressional offices and press their representatives to vote against the health care reform bill.

I don't know what impact Mrs. Thomas will have, but I think it will be a positive one. As they say, a dog doesn't chase a parked car.

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Jonathan Narcisse For Governor

Jonathan Narcisse is running as an independent and I would say libertarian candidate for governor of Iowa. Anyone that has heard Jonathan talk on the Steve Deace Show, knows that there is no middle of the ground with Jon: Either you are impressed by him or afraid of him. I happen to be impressed.

Right now we have three major party candidates running for governor in Iowa: Chet "Jethro Bodine" Culver, the incumbent, Terry "I want to be the new FDR" Branstad, and Bob Vanderplatts. Culver is as clueless as a blind man crossing Broadway and 53rd without a dog and a walking stick. Brandstad has been elected governor four times, and while he says he's a republican, he hasn't always acted like one (can you say appoint judges that make law not interpret it?), and honestly, isn't four terms enough? I like Bob Vander Platts, But his base is mostly socons, who think he's the second coming. This scares the bejesus out of the middle of the road crowd.

Back to Jon. He's more libertarian than any GOP candidate mentioned here. Strong on the second amendment, wants a frugal and small government, and best of all, he's not afraid to call it as he sees it. May be this is his biggest liability, at least from a political prospective as most politicians are afraid to take a stand and discuss the his he would die on. That to me is refreshing. When was the last time you voted for someone that actually stood for something, something controversial, and wasn't afraid to say so? I can't recall. To boil it down, I think Jon understands that real change requires challenging the status quo and not being afraid of turmoil, disagreement, and pushing when most people want to quit. Being passive-agressive and backstabbing won't get the job done. Jon and I share a love for Frederick Douglass, one of the greatest civil rights leaders in American History and here's a quote that I think sums up Jon:

The whole history of the progress of human liberty shows that all concessions yet made to her august claims have been born of earnest struggle. If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters
-Frederick Douglass (1818-1895)

Jon is the gadfly of change that Iowa needs. I would encourage everyone to go to his website, and if you agree with his platform, support him and he need any and all help he can get.
Jon's Platform in a nutshell:

The Four Pillars of his Campaign

World Class Plus Educational System
Low Tax, Free Market, Prosperous Economy
Small, Accountable, Efficient, Transparent State Government
Leading by Example a Healthy Lifestyle to Fight the Obesity Epidemic
I am strongly committed to:

Revive small, accountable and transparent governance
Create a tax code that doesn’t punish success, excellence, and hard work, or reward corporate welfare barons
Restore a free market economy replacing our no-growth prison-casino-corporate welfare based economy
Return our education system to the best in the world
Protect local control, private property and constitutional rights like the right to be armed
Promote a truly healthy Iowa and replace recidivism-based justice system with a restitution system

I would also like to invite all my readers to stream Libertarian Politics Live tomorrow night, Tuesday, March 16 at 8PM. Jonathan will be featured for an hour. You are invited to call in. Phone number is: (646) 915-9887

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Big Brother is at it again

This just in from Reuters: "National Highway Traffic Safety Administration chief David Strickland told a congressional hearing on Thursday that the regulator is considering whether to make "black boxes" mandatory for all new vehicles.

The devices can capture data on speed, braking effort and other details which can be vital in reconstructing accidents."

The government has been infringing on our rights for a long time and this is just a progression of the norm I suppose. The most injurious thing is that it is being implemented by a bureaucrat, not necessarily an elected politician. Big Brother though got started here in Iowa. If you didn't know it already, police can disable your car through Onstar or other similar services. Big Brother is already here, we are asleep at the wheel.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Swedes Are At It Again

The Swedes are at it again, or in this case, A Swede is at it again. Lars Vilks has built a panic or safe room and set man traps on his property because of threats to his life from muslim extremists because he drew cartoons depicting mohammed's head on a dog, seen here.
From the Times Online UK:

A Swedish cartoonist whose controversial image of the Prophet Muhammad led to a series of death threats said today that he had secured his property with a homemade panic room and booby-trapped artwork.

The latest threat to Lars Vilks emerged yesterday when seven people were arrested in Ireland accused of plotting to kill the 63-year-old artist.

Mr Vilks responded by saying that he was ready for them. “If something happens, I know exactly what to do,” he said.

His home in southern Sweden now contains a barbed-wire sculpture that could electrocute potential intruders, a secure space to hide in and an axe which will allow him “to chop down” anyone breaking in through his windows.

First off, what kind of dumbass would broadcast his intent in an international newspaper? He is more stupid than the muslim extremists. Secondly, man traps are illegal in the US, and I would imagine they are in the confiscatory and anti-selfdefense country of Sweden. Then we get to an axe. He has to be kidding me.

The Times Online continues:

He said he had learned from American media reports that the woman held in the US Colleen R. LaRose, who had called herself Jihad Jane in a YouTube video, had visited the area where he lives, but he did not know whether that was true. “I’m glad she didn’t kill me,” Mr Vilks said.

Ummm...Mr Vilks. We need to talk. You are in denial and poorly armed. Let me put it this way: Any creature that will not either fight, nor run will become something's lunch. It's guaranteed. My advice would be to get real, get armed well and know how to use it. Be determined to use it if necessary. A panic room won't save you, and you'll just end up making it easy for the authorities to find your remains. I can understand your dilemma. You were raised in a socialist country were people are treated like farm animals. You have lost the will and the ability to properly defend yourself. The predator has been bred out of you. it is sad, because the Viking were some of the most feared in the world at one time, but no more. What is left of your country has been reduced to giving out awards and money to people that have either been fraudulent or done nothing at all. It is truly a sad state of affairs.

If you can't protect yourself there, move somewhere that recognizes people's right to self-determination, self-protection and the pursuit of one's dreams. They call that America, and get it while you still can. I here there's plenty room here, but just one thing: Leave the socialism at home.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

America's One Party System: Big Government

H/T Skeptical Eye

From Skeptical Eye:

"The Judge makes a distinction between rights and goods per a question about the "right" to heath care. But any such right would violate someone else's rights, because you can't have the right to a good, be it the right to health care or the right to food or clothing, without making a claim on the life of another. Whether that claim is in the form of the theft called taxes (to pay for your "right") or in the time and services of the supplier of that good (Doctors who must treat you because you have a "right" to their talents in the field of medicine), it is in fact destructive of real rights (the right to the fruits of one's labor and the right to be free from coercion and slavery), and so cannot be a right itself."

Ayn Rand said something similar:
"Any alleged "right" of one man, which necessitates the violation
of the rights of another, is not and cannot be a right. No man
can have a right to impose an unchosen obligation, an unrewarded
duty or an involuntary servitude on another man. There can be no
such thing as "the right to enslave". -- Ayn Rand

Or Thomas Jefferson:

"Jefferson believed that each individual has "certain inalienable rights." That is, these rights exist with or without government; man cannot create, take, or give them away. It is the right of "liberty" on which Jefferson is most notable for expounding. He defines it by saying "rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law,' because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual." Hence, for Jefferson, though government cannot create a right to liberty, it can indeed violate it. And the limit of an individual's rightful liberty is not what law says it is but is simply a matter of stopping short of prohibiting other individuals from having the same liberty. A proper government, for Jefferson, is one that not only prohibits individuals in society from infringing on the liberty of other individuals, but also restrains itself from diminishing individual liberty."

We've gotten very far from whence we came. God bless Judge Napolitano.

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Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Swedes are Totally Farkakte

The definition of Farkokte from Wikipedia: Farkakte (Yid., פֿאַרקאַקטע) – an adjective, meaning 'screwed up' or 'a bad idea'; literally, 'crapped' or 'becrapped', cf. German "verkackte(r)". 

About the only good thing to come out of sweden is what you see on the left. Michael J. Fox is another in a growing line of liberals to receive unearned rewards from the Swedish people. First there was Al Gore and his global warming hoax earning him a Nobel. Then their was Barack Hussein Obama and his Messiah World Tour earning a Nobel for not having done a damn thing. Now we have Michael J. Fox getting an honorary MD from the same institute that gave the other two mountebanks their awards. He's getting it for his work in Parkinson's disease. Nothing against Mr. Fox, but if he should get an honorary MD,  I am Greg House. These people do nothing but devalue their organization and what it once stood for. The Nobel Organization is a joke, and so are the swedish people. 

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A Happy Day: Adam Gadahn Arrested

As reported from the Washington Post:
Pakistani intelligence agents have arrested Adam Gadahn, the American-born spokesman for al-Qaeda, in an operation in the southern city of Karachi, two officers and a government official said Sunday. The Post continues:
Gadahn grew up on a goat farm in Riverside County, California, and converted to Islam at a mosque in nearby Orange County.

He moved to Pakistan in 1998, according to the FBI, and is said to have attended an al-Qaida training camp six years later, serving as a translator and consultant for the group. He has been wanted by the FBI since 2004, and there is a $1 million reward for information leading to his arrest or conviction.

This is indeed a happy day in fighting terrorism. My only hope is that he is brought back here for trial, by the military and adjudicated appropriately, with extreme prejudice. Adam Gadahn was the winner of the Cacasotto Sfacime of the Month Award here at The Right Guy Show.

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Who Poses the Greater Threat?

From Wild Bill Donovan:

By Walter Williams

Bill Gates is the world's richest person, but what kind of power does he have over you? Can he force your kid to go to a school you do not want him to attend? Can he deny you the right to braid hair in your home for a living? It turns out that a local politician, who might deny us the right to earn a living and dictates which school our kid attends, has far greater power over our lives than any rich person. Rich people can gain power over us, but to do so, they must get permission from our elected representatives at the federal, state or local levels. For example, I might wish to purchase sugar from a Caribbean producer, but America's sugar lobby pays congressmen hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to impose sugar import tariffs and quotas, forcing me and every other American to purchase their more expensive sugar.

Politicians love pitting us against the rich. All by themselves, the rich have absolutely no power over us. To rip us off, they need the might of Congress to rig the economic game. It's a slick political sleight-of-hand where politicians and their allies amongst the intellectuals, talking heads and the news media get us caught up in the politics of envy as part of their agenda for greater control over our lives.

The sugar lobby is just one example among thousands. Just ask yourself: Who were the major recipients of the billions of taxpayer bailout dollars, the so-called Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP)? The top recipients of TARP handouts included companies such as Citibank, AIG, Goldman Sachs and General Motors. Their top management are paid tens of millions dollars to run companies that were on the verge of bankruptcy, were it not for billions of dollars in taxpayer money. Politicians preach the politics of envy whilst reaching into the ordinary man's pockets, through the IRS, and handing it over to their favorite rich people and others who make large contributions to their election efforts.

The bottom line is that it is politicians first and their supporters amongst intellectuals who pose the greatest threat to liberty. Dr. Thomas Sowell amply demonstrates this in his brand-new book, "Intellectuals and Society," in which he points out that: "Scarcely a mass-murdering dictator of the twentieth century was without his intellectual supporters, not simply in his own country, but also in foreign democracies . . . Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Hitler all had their admirers, defenders and apologists among the intelligentsia in Western democratic nations, despite the fact that these dictators each ended up killing people of their own country on a scale unprecedented even by despotic regimes that preceded them."

While American politicians and intellectuals have not reached the depths of tyrants such as Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Hitler, they share a common vision. Tyrants denounce free markets and voluntary exchange. They are the chief supporters of reduced private property rights, reduced rights to profits, and they are anti-competition and pro-monopoly. They are pro-control and coercion, by the state. These Americans who run Washington, and their intellectual supporters, believe they have superior wisdom and greater intelligence than the masses. They believe they have been ordained to forcibly impose that wisdom on the rest of us. Like any other tyrant, they have what they consider good reasons for restricting the freedom of others. A tyrant's primary agenda calls for the elimination or attenuation of the market. Why? Markets imply voluntary exchange and tyrants do trust that people behaving voluntarily will do what the tyrant thinks they should do. Therefore, they seek to replace the market with economic planning and regulation, which is little more than the forcible superseding of other people's plans by the powerful elite.

We Americans have forgotten founder Thomas Paine's warning that "Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one."

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Karl Rove Understands Business Management

Karl Rove understands management; There are two theories in management: A) Make the right decision or B) Make the decision and then make it right. According to The New York Times, "Karl Rove, the chief political adviser to President George W. Bush and architect of his two successful campaigns for the White House, says in a new memoir that his former boss probably would not have invaded Iraq had he known there were no weapons of mass destruction there." The question I ask is, was the president intentionally misinformed, or conveniently? My thesis on this expedition is that the administration used management technique B. This is not necessarily an indictment of W at all, but an honest observation.

It is possible that Saddam had the weapons of mass destruction shipped out of the country. Some assert the Russians and Syrians helped with this. If this was the case, then why not bring to light? Rove does "acknowledge that the failure to find them badly damaged Mr. Bush’s presidency, and he blames himself for not countering the narrative that 'Bush lied,' calling it “one of the biggest mistakes of the Bush years.” Then the question remains, did Rove intentionally misinform W?

Having worked in the private sector and I have seen many times when the boss or leader says the sky is red, and the yes men around him will assemble the evidence to make it so. So goes making a decision right. Too many people jumped on the bandwagon, George Tenet included, that should have done their due dillegence in this matter. My main objection is that of honesty. If you are going to do something, there is no need to trump stuff up. Be an adult and do what you have to do. Obviously, the Bush administration (again, not necessarily W, but his people) must have believed that they needed more to justify their agenda than just saying we want to do this.

Of course, with the victory at hand and with Obama carrying forth some of the same policies, it's easy to say, whatever, we won and it doesn't really matter. I would ask anyone, with a straight face, do you really believe that any presidential administration in this country would not have all the information, correctly vetted ad infinitum, before committing to war? I cannot believe for the life of me that these chaps either didn't know their weren't weapons of mass destruction or that if there was and I mean there was in such a way as there was intent on being used against us, that these weapons disappeared and that they cannot explain it. Why wouldn't they explain it? Rove doesn't strike me as such an incompetent. A plotter, a schemer, a guy that throws people under busses, but not incompetent.

I've said this all along: One, Rove, Cheney and Rice had a master plan for reshaping the middle east. Iran was seen as the real threat. They wanted to surround Iran with propped up democracies and countries that were influenced by us, thereby bringing pressure to both isolate Iran and force an internal revolution. The entry story for Iraq was just that, a story to get the job done to accomplish that agenda. I would have appreciated that kind of honesty from the Bush administration, but unfortunately, it wasn't and isn't forthcoming.

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Libertarian Talk Show Tonight: Starbucks and Guns, a good mix

It's what's on tonight:
Our first guest will be John Pierce, co-founder and spokesman for , who will be discussing the Starbucks policy of allowing people to carry guns strapped to a holster in sates that allow people to carry openly. With him will be Virginia resident Dale Welch, who has been  quoted in the Associated press  as applauding the Starbucks policy.

Our second segment will be with Sher Zieve, a columnist for Renew America and the Canada Free press.  Sher will be discussing Obama's dictatorial strong-arm tactics to ram through his healthcare agenda; chicago-style politics hits Washington.

Call in number: (646) 915-9887

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Monday, March 01, 2010

Capitalist or Parasite? Warren Buffet Promotes Government Healthcare

Warren Buffet believes that healthcare is a drain on businesses and should be shouldered by the federal government. This is the same man that favors higher taxes, particularly estate taxes. Buffet has benefited from higher estate taxes by scooping up privately/family owned enterprises that have disproportionate tax burdens after the owner died. He's made a lot of money this way.

If Warren was a true capitalist, he would be for free market answers to who is going to pay citizens medical bills. By being for government healthcare, he has demonstrated he is not a capitalist, but a corporatist parasite and opportunist that looks to his own bottom line, not as a rational self-interest, but as a Jim Taggart type of businessman. He has more in common with George Soros than he does with Milton Friedman that is for sure. I find his "advice" disingenuous and and transparently self-serving. If this is the example of what American capitalism is, or has become, then we've gone down the wrong road.

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