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Friday, December 21, 2012

Two Female Justices Think It's OK To Amputate Penis, Lone Male Justice Dissents

In a case that has been going on for four years, the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled that the doctor acted properly. What was in contention is that the victim in the case wanted a second opinion, but the doctor said that since the patient signed a consent form, the doctor could treat it as he saw fit. I find it interesting that two of the justices, both women, thought it was ok, yet the lone man on the high court did not.

The main point of contention is whether Patterson acted reasonably in removing the organ immediately or if amputation could have been delayed to let Seaton seek other medical options. 
Judge Janet Stumbo and Judge Donna Dixon concluded that, even though Seaton had limited ability to read and write, he never informed the doctor of that fact and signed the consent form in the presence of a witness. The Seatons claimed that the waiver didn't give Patterson authority to conduct an amputation without further consent. 
"They maintain that no harm would have resulted if Dr. Patterson has consulted with either of them before proceeding, or if he had allowed them to consult with another physician to get a second opinion or other treatment options," Stumbo wrote. 
Stumbo wrote that Patterson acted properly because the tumor had consumed such a large section of the organ. 
"For this reason alone, the resection of the tumor was 'necessary and proper' in the context of inserting a catheter," Stumbo wrote.
I don't know about you, but I would want a choice in the matter, even if it might prove terminal. Whose life is it anyway? And people wonder why doctors think they are gods. It seems so do judges too.

Judge Michael Caperton dissented, but did not issue a written opinion.
He gets it.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Crazy Control

The knee jerk reaction from the progressive and neo-liberal left was to be expected, but is still a straw man argument that avoids the real issue. It's not gun control that is the problem. Schools are "gun free zones" and Connecticut isn't exactly a pro-gun shall issue state. While not in league with Illinois, NY, CA or DC, it's not Arizona either.

The problem is one, how does someone that doesn't belong in a school get in a school and two, crazy control. The first is the final failure, the latter is the first failure. We've become a society that would rather punish and restrict those that do nothing wrong than remediate, adjudicate and eliminate the risk posed by crazy people. Somehow, crazy people have more rights than law abiding citizens. The thing is, in this latest massacre, people that knew the assailant knew he was nuts and did nothing effectively to prevent this. The same with the Aurora assailant, James Homes. Here is part F from the BATFE form 4473:
F. Have you ever been adjudicated mentally defective (which includes a determination by a court, board, commission, or other lawful authority that you are a danger to yourself or to others or are incompetent to manage your own affairs) OR have you ever been committed to a mental institution? (See Instructions for Question 11.f.)
May be this needs to be changed to being treated for a mental illness. May be people under psychiatric care need to register that they are under care and such information would be linked to gun purchases. We already prohibit domestic violators from obtaining firearms. From the same 4473 form:

h. Are you subject to a court order restraining you from harassing, stalking, or threatening your child or an intimate partner or child of such partner? (See Instructions for Question 11.h.)

i. Have you ever been convicted in any court of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence? (See Instructions for Question 11.i.)

Of course we'll never see this done because gun owners, the vast majority of which don't commit crimes, are an easier target. They have no sympathy song to play for the public. With the logic hoplophobes use, we should outlaw cars and alcohol because of drunk driving (which kills more people in this country than guns do), we should outlaw forks, knives and spoons because people are obese or may be castrate all men because some of them rape women. The fallacy of their logic is almost palpable, yet they continue with it like the legion of pigs running over the cliff.

The other fault is that the school did not provide adequate security. This person didn't belong there and he got in and the tool of his evil really doesn't matter. Would it make people feel better if he used an axe, scissors or a ball peen hammer? Would they think that is better because not as many people might not be killed? Who picks who lives and dies? Again, the failure is not identifying threats before they happen, which is one, identifying mentally ill people, prevent them from buying guns and prevent people with evil intent from entering a school.

Of course we will see hand wringing about the poor mentally ill people can't get help etc, which is rubbish in many cases. In the two cases mentioned, we know that one was "getting help" and both were know to be ill. The question is, why wasn't more done about it?

Instead of blaming an inanimate object with no moral bearing, may be we need to blame the individuals involved and those that failed to stop this from happening in the first place. Someone once said that "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves...". Indeed. What we need is crazy control. 

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Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Decadence of Recreation

Ann Friedman
I was reading an article in NYMAG by Ann Friedman titled The Decadence of Procreation. The article seems to rail against the idea of procreation and with undertones of pro-abortion agenda, but what caught my eye was a comment by a person who calls themselves RKG. If this doesn't underscore the insanity of the pro-gay rights movement, let alone the left in general, I don't know what does.

As someone that believes in live and let live, I usually don't care if someone is white, black, straight, gay, transwhatever, as long as they mind their own business like the rest of us and get on with life, who really cares as it shouldn't be a factor in politics or even culture. The problem as I see it isn't equal rights, but superior rights demanded by people that aren't willing to accept that some people may not like them and because of their choices, there are consequences. It's bad enough I have to deal with evangelical mormons and Jehovah witnesses, now we have to throw in evangelical atheists, greenies and social justice freaks. Get a fucking life.

Anyway, back to the article. One of the comments shows how twisted some people are and RKG should be a poster-child for the pro-abortion movement, after all, it's something she endorses. Ok, that was a little harsh, but she's mishugah and farkockte. Here it is:
"As a queer person, I see having kids as a flaunting of heterosexual privilege. Or, to put it more bluntly, having kids is a way of showing that one group of people has more rights than others. When I was in my best child-bearing years, I lived in states that made it illegal for two people of the same sex to adopt a child, so even if I had a child biologically, my partner could never become a legal parent, which ultimately put my child in danger (if I were to have died, the child would have gone into foster care and not to the co-parent).  That's why I can't feel any sympathy for people who get to have kids. Yes, I have more money and more in retirement than you do, but that's because the choice of whether or not to have kids was not a choice for me like it was for you. You made your choice. Quit whining about it to those of us who never had the choice."

Whining? Whose the one whining and who made their choices the way it did?

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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Happy Birthday George Armstrong Custer

Happy Birthday to George Armstrong Custer, the boy general, Civil War hero and the leader of the 7th Cavalry. Heralded in his day, despised and reviled by revisionist historians, at times the truth is somewhere in the middle. Say what you will, but no one can question his courage. He was the romantic warrior of his time.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Iowa Uses Raygun on Obama

Chris Moody/Yahoo News
By Jim Lagnese

It seems the secret service wanted to search businesses and homes near and around where Obama was giving a speech. One store had a problem with that.

From the Register:

DES MOINES, Iowa—President Barack Obama is planning an outdoor rally here on Monday, but one store within the event's security zone is taking a stand against Secret Service searches inside the shop.
A sign on the window of Raygun, a clothing store that sells quirky T-shirts, tells Secret Service agents who intend to "sweep" the premises before Obama's speech that it does "not consent" to any searches. The sign also added a little humor, too: "It's not that there's anything illegal in here, we just employ several Colombian prostitutes and don't want to tempt you guys," the sign reads, a reference to news reports earlier this year about some agents who had solicited prostitutes in South America.

Obama better watch out for those crusty Iowans. They are libel to shoot him with a Raygun.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Michael Moore Threatens Romney

By Jim Lagnese

Michael Moore and are sending a strong message suggesting physical harm to Romney and mental anguish to those that would vote for him. I find it ridiculous and farkockte. Moore is losing his grip.

I retrieved this from NRO which got it from

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Monday, September 10, 2012

9/11: A Day That Lives In Infamy

September 11 is more than a day that will live in infamy. It is a somber day for me. You see, I am from NY, and I lived there when 9/11 occurred. At the time I was working on Long Island, for a confections manufacturing company and my wife worked in Manhattan for a small private investing company. The CFO of the company I worked for was married to Pat Lyons. Pat was a fireman with the NYFD, working at the 252 squad in Bushwick Brooklyn. I remember Irene saying it was his day off and he didn't have to go in...Irene was eight months pregnant with their first child.

Prokopios Paul Zois worked at Marsh and McLennan. He took the Long Island Rail Road to work every day. My wife used to sit in the same group on the way to work, and Paul was part of that group. Before that day was out, these men would be taken from their loved ones, but they were going home. Irene had the baby, a boy whose name is Patrick Mate Lyons, who is almost 9 years old. The sad thing is that they never found Pat Lyons remains. From what I understand he was with his crew ascending the north tower in the stairway when it collapsed. At the time, I have to admit now, I was pissed beyond measure. I would have advocated ridding the world of Islam. While I do not feel that way now (well, sort of), I still believe it is an incorrect religion that preaches death, and it is not a religion of peace. We are still at war with these 8th century throwbacks, and we haven't brought the piece of shit that planned this genocide to justice. So much for the war on terror, but what do you expect when politicians run the military, but I am really digressing here. All I ask of those out there is to pray for the souls of those that passed this day in 2001 and pray for the peace and grace that only god can give for their families. I would also ask that if you could give to the Pat Lyons Foundation. They do a lot of good in the memory of Pat.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

To The Manor Born: Why Europe remains the domain of Farm Animals® and we do not, so far

Recently, I had a run with some people on a Linked In Group. The group is Italian American Professionals. being of half Italian ancestry, I thought it might be a good group to join in terms of networking. Of course, the road to hell was paved with good intentions and in this case, the road to this group was littered with the dung of farm animals, of which had good intentions as well.

I knew it was going to go bad when someone brought up "free" healthcare in Europe as to why they have less obesity in Italy. Being a blogger of the Classical Liberal variety, I had to fight hard not to take the bait and I am here to tell you that I lost. Several members in this group are Italian and live in Italy. They cannot understand why someone not only wouldn't want "free" healthcare, but any entitlements that are "free" from the government. I have to say I was incredulous. After a back and forth, I found that my words were falling on deaf ears: Farm Animals® can't understand the language of human beings.

This of course fueled a further digression into the roots of European political economy. Those roots of what we see today were sewn from Feudalism or what is also described as Manorialism, which rose from the Villa System of the late Roman Empire.

From Wikipedia:

Manorialism was characterised by the vesting of legal and economic power in a lord, supported economically from his own direct landholding and from the obligatory contributions of a legally subject part of the peasant population under his jurisdiction. These obligations could be payable in several ways, in labor (the French term corvée is conventionally applied), in kind, or, on rare occasions, in coin.

While the article on Manorialism said it died piecemeal, I disagree. Manorialism evolved into at best social democracy or at worst, socialism. The thing to understand is that most people are at the bottom in the chart to the right, as it seems to be in every society and organization. The Peasants look for personal and economic security from the King, lord and knights, and in return, they give their labor or time as it were. Today we might call that consideration. The key is that they are not equal stakeholders in any way, and in a sense, they are indentured to the ruling classes. Some might say that it’s the same with capitalism, that the robber barons dominate the system and workers are subordinate to them and will always be that way. There is a difference though, but first let's quickly deal with the idea that somehow everyone can be equal economically. In normal distributions of systems, the bell curve usually rules. Most people for a given parameter will be in the middle with some variability. As the curve moves to either side of the bell, the numbers change exponentially. The key to this distribution is what happens in nature. As man tries to influence a system, it will shift the median and in the case of socialists they seek to have uniformity that occurs with a particular instance in nature: Entropy. As a system loses energy it tends to become uniform. To put it another way, if you want a uniform system, it will lose something in the process and it’s a net negative. The end game with entropy is a dead system.

With capitalism, there is always the opportunity for someone from the bottom to get to the other side of the bell curve. This idea and the very results of which destroy the progressive’s template. We have stories every day of people succeeding in spite of the obstacles they have in their way. If you want to read a great example, read Clarence Thomas’ autobiography. The progressive left hates this and will discredit any narrative that breaks their template. In essence, they are nihilists that do not believe that people are capable of making themselves into what their mind desires, but are limited by some intrinsic factor. Look at progressive policy towards blacks. They’ve promoted a safety net such that the plantation moved from the deep south to Washington DC. The progressives are no better than the KKK or some racist antediluvian troglodyte from the reconstruction era, but because they want to help with someone else's money somehow it’s ok. It’s tyrannical to take what another has earned because you know someone is better off with it and it’s heinous to believe that certain people aren’t capable of capitalizing on opportunities to better themselves, but this is where the progressive is. This extends to any minority that they believe need special rights or protections and they call it. With capitalism, and I mean as an ideal, everyone has the same opportunities, but outcomes are not guaranteed. With manorialism, outcomes are guaranteed by limiting opportunities. It is anathema to capitalism.

In the election of 2008, Americans had a choice to make and we chose a manorialist. With the 2012 election, we have a choice to make, will we chose the manorialist or the capitalist (some out there might say ersatz)? If we cause the victory of Obama, through voting for him or staying home or voting for some third party candidate, we will have sealed our fate. The question I have is, are we all talk or do we walk the talk? If we really aren’t Farm Animals®, then we’ll have to prove it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My 8 year old daughter is smarter than Obama

This is short and sweet:
My 15 year old daughter received roses for Valentine's Day and my wife commented on how expensive they must have been. My 8 year old daughter, Evelyn, said of course they are expensive, the florist will charge more because it's Valentine's Day. Out of the mouth's of babes and smarter than the chipmunk in chief, an 8 year old understands capitalism, while our president does not.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Rand Paul Stands Up To TSA

By Jim Lagnese
Rand Paul was detained by the TSA earlier today when he refused a pat down by TSA agents. From ABC News:
The TSA version of events is that Paul triggered an alarm during routine airport screening and refused to complete the screening process (pat-down) in order to resolve the issue.  Paul was escorted out of the screening area by local law enforcement.
“When an irregularity is found during the TSA screening process, it must be resolved prior to allowing a passenger to proceed to the secure area of the airport,” according to an official statement released by TSA. “Passengers who refuse to complete the screening process cannot be granted access to the secure area in order to ensure the safety of others traveling.”
Paul’s office confirmed he set off  an airport security full-body scanner “on a glitch,” according to a spokesman.
The Paul staffer said TSA agents would not let Paul walk back through the body scanner and were demanding a full body pat-down.
The Paul spokesman said his office called TSA administrator John Pistole about the incident this morning.
The U.S. Constitution actually protects federal lawmakers from detention while they’re on the way to the Capital.
“The Senators and Representatives…shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same….” according to Article I, Section 6.
Senator Paul is a staunch libertarian, but unlike his father Ron Paul, has a more sensible approach to foreign policy. He is a clip of Senator Paul commenting on  the TSA:

Update: White House sides with TSA.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I voted for...

For three reasons:
One, If RP wins Iowa, he definitely won't get the nomination, Two, Paul's not winning anything, three, it was a fuck you vote. Actually, it was the first Caucus I have participated in and it was interesting, hokey, and in the end, meaningless. On the other hand, I will be a delegate. We'll see if Ran thinks that is a dangerous thing. The big surprise is Perry in the lead. WTF?

In my precinct, the top three were:
Ron Paul 43 votes
Rick Santorum 35 votes
Mitt Romney 29 votes

Huntsman got 1 vote and Newt got 14 votes. Looks like there will be a lot fewer people running after next week.

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