Monday, October 06, 2008

Where were you?

Where were you? Where were you in 2008, when America not only voted in the first black president, but the first socialist one? Where were you when they bailed out the banks that succeeded in neither bailing out the banks, nor fixing why the debacle happened and put us in peonage? Where were you when Obama's truth squads became a function of the Department of Justice and the congress passed a new fairness doctrine? Where were you when they came and took our guns away? Where were you when they told us our churches had to marry gays? Where were you when they implemented so many social programs that our tax rate surpassed that of Denmark? Where were you when they said that our children couldn't wear a Star of David or The Cross in school? Where were you when they said my son couldn't wear a flag pin because he might offend someone from another country? Where were you when the United States of America joined Canada and Mexico to form the north american union? Where were you when they destroyed our country? 

You were too busy over-scheduling your lives, succumbing to the consumerism that is the new religion in this country,  and abdicating your responsibilities to your creator, to your country, to your family and to yourself to a central authority because you wanted to feel safe and secure. May the comfortable lifestyle for which you have traded your life and liberties suit you well in posterity and may the slavery, indentured servitude and peonage you have accepted in return be a light sentence as compared to the one you will see in hell, as we won't miss you. 

Thank you for reading this blog. 


chuck said...

I wouldn't say Brakabama was the first socialist president by any means. Clinton was as committed to socialism as a degenerate, self indulgent piece of shit like him could be to anything. Carter was a big time socialist as was Nixon before him. And let us not forget FDR, the most successful collectivist in American Executive history.

What really distinguishes Brakabama from the others is that none of them were lifelong enemies of the United States. Brakabama is a feckless, dung-beetle, radical,hippie type.

What he is is so outrageous that calling him what he is makes you sound like an outrageous person. That is not an accident. This little Manchurian was created a long time ago. He didn't just come along. He is the culmination of an elaborate strategy.

The Right Guy said...

Agree on all points. I have a personal disgust for FDR. Read The Forgotten Man and you'll see what a power hungry bastard he was. He loved the power more than America. The truth is, TR started progressive reform that Taft and Wilson continued and FDR put teeth into. Since then we've had LBJ, Carter and Clinton. All made their mark, but none as bad as FDR. I think Obama will eclipse him or try to. Both were Fabian socialists, using incremental means to move towards socialism. The problem is no politician has tried to roll it back. I will say if it weren't for Ronald Reagan, we'd be screwed right now. I will also say W was a disappointment, and I blame him for capitulating to the left. I am sure that morphodite Rove helped as well. It's going to be an interesting ride my friend.

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