Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Nolan Chart: The Lecture From Glenn Beck

I took the survey at the Nolan Chart website. I got the address off of Glenn Beck's website. I was somewhat surprised that I came out so strongly libertarian, as I am pro-life (but my position is a libertarian one).  Many die hard libertine libertarians are pro-abortion, and the only reason I bring that up is that it seems to me there is a sizable demographic in that movement that is just that: Libertine, which is not really libertarian as it does not address responsibility, particularly when their right to do whatever they wish infringes on another's rights. It's anarchy to the extreme. I see libertarian as more minarchist, but we are getting away from the message.

Glenn Beck has a video up at Fox News where he lectures us about the political chart to the left here. What I ask is for you to take the quiz and let me know where you stand. You might be surprised.

A retort to the Glenn Beck can be found here.

Click on Glenn Beck's Video below:

Thank you for reading this blog and god bless Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Obama Seeks New Powers

A new bill being proposed in the senate will give Obama special powers to "safeguard" public and private networks and entities from a cyber attack.

From The Hill:
The president would have the power to safeguard essential federal and private Web resources under draft Senate cybersecurity legislation.

According to an aide familiar with the proposal, the bill includes a mandate for federal agencies to prepare emergency response plans in the event of a massive, nationwide cyberattack.
The president would then have the ability to initiate those network contingency plans to ensure key federal or private services did not go offline during a cyberattack of unprecedented scope, the aide said....Further:
Additionally, it will "promote public awareness" of Internet security issues, while outlining key protections of Americans' civil liberties on the Web, the aide continued.
Privacy groups are nonetheless likely to take some umbrage at Rockefeller and Snowe's latest effort, an early draft of which leaked late last year.

When early reports predicted the cybersecurity measure would allow the president to "declare a cybersecurity emergency," online privacy groups said they felt that would endow the White House with overly ambiguous and far-reaching powers to regulate the Internet.
The bill is sponsored by Olympia Snow, a RINO from Maine, and Jay Rockefeller, a Democrat from West Virginia. The main problem with the bill is that is gives powers, emergency powers for Obama to act on a perceived or real "cyber threat".  According to Rockefeller, "Too much is at stake for us to pretend that today’s outdated cybersecurity policies are up to the task of protecting our nation and economic infrastructure," Rockefeller said. "We have to do better and that means it will take a level of coordination and sophistication to outmatch our adversaries and minimize this enormous threat." If that is the case, and it seems reasonable, why gives the powers to one person, the President, who at this time isn't someone I would trust with my 4 year old, let alone emergency powers over data and voice communications in this country.  It's bad enough the NSA snoops every packet of information that traverses the public network. What more does he want? 
Like all progressives, he wants evolutionary change in our government and society, which is that the government asserts more and more control over it's citizens in everything they do. To me, this opens a door that should remain shut, but we can blame Bush for opening the door with Echelon and it's subset Room 641A. Couple this with the patriot act and the proposed bill stated here, the government could do what it wants to anyone. Oops, it already can...
Why people find this acceptable is beyond me. We are evolving into a society of Obama's desires and yet we close our eyes to the closing walls. 
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Billy Long Takes Heat from Hitler in Missouri’s Seventh Congressional District

The infamous Hitler video is now focusing on local Congressional races. The video has popped up in the heated Missouri Seventh Congressional District Republican primary field, where eight candidates are looking for the nomination to run for the seat in the fall.

A Web site, which scrutinizes the leading money collector on the race, Billy Long, examines Long for his comments, actions, and views on the issue. As you can see in the video above, they have taken a collection of Billy Long's statements on the campaign trail for Hitler to attack, all the while Hitler has to worry about the momentum the blogger in charge is receiving building up to the primary, including a shout out on the Rush Limbaugh show.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday

To me, of course. I want everyone to go out and have a Sam Adams Ale or better yet, a tumbler of at least 12 year old Macallan. There's nothing better than that. It's also Friday,  pay day, the weather is looking up, so what could be better?

What could be better is that Barack Hussein Obama resigned. Now that would really cap the day off, but such a fantasy of the fantastic fabian fraud probably is just that, a fantasy. Oh well, a boy can dream, can't he?

As a birthday wish, besides the adult beverages, is that in our own way, that we promote freedom and capitalism any way we can. We've seen what is coming with Obama, and we're pushing back. Don't stop now.

Thank you for reading this blog.

Bungalow Bill Gets Mentioned on The Rush Limbaugh Show

We congratulate Clay Bowler at Bungalow Bills Conventional Wisdom for being mentioned on The Rush Limbaugh Show regarding the Sea World incident. Here's the article:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

We Know More About Tilikum the KILLER Whale in Five Hours, Than We Knew About Obama Before the Election

About a week before the 2008 election, Tom Brokaw sat in front of Charlie Rose on PBS stating we really don’t know much about Barack Obama. The two then exchanged back and forth all the things the mainstream media failed to ask Obama or dig up as we headed into the election just a few days later. This was the sad assessment of the state of the media and its bias leading into election day.

The mainstream media failed to report on Obama’s college days, his birth certificate, his drug use, his associations with Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, his connections to ACORN, his participation with theAnnenberg project, how he used the courts to win earlier elections, his direction towards communism, racial beliefs, and all the dirty little secrets hidden so Obama could assume office. Now that he is president, the mainstream media still fails to dig deeply into the healthcare plan, the stimulus plan, and all the other controversial bills leading towards socialism. I still haven’t heard the mainstream media discuss Obama’s desire to track Americans with their cell phones and increase wire tapping capabilities of the federal government; yet they screamed with George W. Bush was listening in on terrorists. Something tells me in their private circle, Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose still says there is a lot we don’t know about Barack Obama.

However, in less than a day, I know everything I need to know about Tilikum, the killer orca at Sea World. I know where it was born, who its parents were, which tanks it lived in, how many people have died around the killer whale, and all the other details the media managed to dig up about the killer whale. It really is a sad statement about our mainstream media. By the way, the quote of the day comes from Matt Lauer from the Today show, which took out 15 minutes to discuss the incident. Lauer actually said, "they don't call them killer whales for nothing."

This story was also picked up at LCR. Congrats Clay.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Government Motors Still Can't Get It Right

For the umpteenth time, GM can't seem to unload a devision it wants to get rid of, for whatever lame reason.

Let's look at history:
They made such bad deals with unions such that GM has to tag on $4000 to every car they make in order to pay benefits to people that don't produce for them anymore. They killed off the oldest car manufacturer in the United States. After the government took over, they killed off Saturn and Pontiac, and tried to sell Saab, Opel and Hummer. All failed. This company is riddled with poor performers and with Obama running it, it's gone down even faster.

Judging by the fact that the Chinese government wouldn't ok the sale, I have to wonder why? I imagine that Obama's snubbing them time after time might have something to do with it. Politics factors in here as the Chinese government runs business there.

May be this is a blessing in disguise. Where are the machers out there that can secure financing and buy the marque and keep it here? Harley Davidson employees bought their company back. It's a shame about Pontiac and Olds. Both great marques that were killed off for no good reason. I couldn't care less about Saab, Opel or Saturn as I don't care for the marques, but it is a shame in the sense that malfeasance led to the loss of jobs in these companies.

Bottom line is that as bad as GM management was, it's worse now that it is run by Obama and his minions. Don't believe me, look at Ford.

Thank you for reading this blog.

What is Socialized Medicine Like?

With all the talk of Obamacare, many on the right are rallying around and shouting from the rooftops how Obamacare is socialized medicine, or at least the beginnings of it. On the left, we have people that believe that we need this as someone paying your medical bills is a natural right.

Left look at what socialized medicine can be like. From England:

Patients were routinely neglected or left “sobbing and humiliated” by staff at an NHS trust where at least 400 deaths have been linked to appalling care...Staff shortages at Stafford Hospital meant that patients went unwashed for weeks, were left without food or drink and were even unable to get to the lavatory. Some lay in soiled sheets that relatives had to take home to wash, others developed infections or had falls, occasionally fatal. Many staff did their best but the attitude of some nurses “left a lot to be desired”.

Up to 1,200 people lost their lives needlessly because Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust put government targets and cost-cutting ahead of patient care.

But none of the doctors, nurses and managers who failed them has suffered any formal sanction

The inquiry found that: 

• Patients were left unwashed in their own filth for up to a month as nurses ignored their requests to use the toilet or change their sheets

• Four members of one family. including a new-born baby girl. died within 18 months after of blunders at the hospital

• Medics discharged patients hastily out of fear they risked being sacked for delaying

• Wards were left filthy with blood, discarded needles and used dressings while bullying managers made whistleblowers too frightened to come forward.

Look to the great white north, and we see that the premier of Newfoundland/Labrador, Danny Williams, went to the United States for a heart procedure. It seems the US does a minimally invasive procedure that he couldn't get in Canada, which would have required major surgery and possibly a delay in getting care. Mr. Williams paid for the procedure out of his pocket. He was one of the lucky ones. Many Canadians would have waited for weeks or months to have a procedure that is cutting edge, if they made it that far.

Obama wants these types of systems. He looks to Europe as an example of what is right in the world, what is just, a fabian socialists view that looks at the general public no different that a farmer looks at livestock on his farm. We are no more than farm animals to Mr. Obama, and the farm should be run by the government. In his own mind, he knows best. Who do you trust?

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Cherish Your Second Amendment Rights? Get trained

This place is the bomb.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tea Party Members Break Reagan’s 11th Commandment to Ensure Constitutional Candidates

In what normally would be a quiet primary season in red Congressional districts across the country, a few Republican candidates find themselves under a microscope when they expected to coast to an easy primary win. While some claim it’s a violation of Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment, tea party conservatives sin, throwing out the 11th commandment, to ensure the most Constitutional solid candidate gets the party nomination.

This is apparent in Missouri’s Seventh Congressional District. A few weeks ago, it looked like republican candidate Billy Long would coast through the primaries. Long had a significant lead in fund raising as well as having the most recognized name in the race. However, a chance meeting last fall led to one tea party member waging a campaign against the leading Republican candidate in the race.

Clay Bowler, the blogger at Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom watched candidate Long approach closer to his place in line prior to Claire McCaskill’s town hall meeting in Springfield, Missouri. A small-business man went up to Long and asked him why he couldn’t get a small business loan after the banks got the TARP money to free up the credit markets. He wanted to know what Long was going to do to make sure he was going to get a loan for his small business.

Long began to pander to the man, explaining what he would do. When he was done, Bowler asked him what in the Constitution gave him the authority to tell this man that he would help him. Long answered there was nothing. Bowler fired back, so why are you telling this man this. Candidate Long walked off.

After the meeting, Bowler began to realize that candidate Long had a long record in the local media of contradicting the platform put on his page, so he decided to challenge Long using the power of the Internet. He started the Billy Long is Wrong Web site. The site looks at the candidate under an intensified scope and examines the concerns he has of the candidate. Since the site was introduced, momentum has shifted to the more conservative Constitutionalist candidates.

This is the reality of the tea party movement, which is tired of more of the same from candidates that claim they are conservative republicans. Many tea party activists are asking what they can do to raise awareness for candidates that care about the Constitution and the limits of government, and more are turning to the Web to combat moderate candidates who don’t want to live within the limits of the Constitution. You can’t claim you are against the bailouts and then tell constituents that you will help them get their fair share. You can’t claim you are against the stimulus and then look to see how many millions and billions you can bring to your district.

Left Coast Rebel is another tea party blog that is working to promote Constitutional conservatives while weeding out RINO candidates. LCR is examining districts around the United States putting up red flags for Republican candidates that are running with a big ‘R’ platform.

LCR has been vocal in expressing support for little ‘r’ republicans that want to enforce the limits of the federal government. Normally, he wouldn’t get involved in other districts, but he has determined too much is on the line this election not to be more active in the election.
So conservatives and Republicans are breaking Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment. It’s not too hard to imagine that if Reagan was here today, he would probably be speaking up against what has taken place in the Republican party these days.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

Recently elected senator Scott Brown, who filled the seat vacated by Edward Kennedy, has voted for the democrat sponsored job bill.

From Reuters:

A modest job-creation bill advanced in the U.S. Senate on Monday as the chamber's newest Republican bucked his party and sided with Democrats on a $15 billion package of tax cuts and highway spending.

Republican Scott Brown joined four other Republicans, 55 Democrats and two independents to overcome a procedural hurdle that sets up a final vote later this week.

Brown was widely hailed as a conservative hero after his surprise victory in Massachusetts last month gave Republicans enough seats to block most Democratic legislation.

THat was short lived, wasn't it. I am glad the honeymoon is finally over, and we know what colors this guy is capable of. Of course some will say it is a modest bill, or that he is an east coast republican, so it's ok somehow. May be Scott isn't everything we thought he was.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Dose Of Reality: Glenn Beck Gives It.

H/T from Tim at LCR
Glenn Beck gives the ending keynote at C-PAC.

Glenn Beck tells it like it is. Please tell me what you think.

Thank you for reading this blog.

Why the Tea Party Must Die

Suppose you owned a business, it is a successful business, although it has had it's ups and downs and you are in a down slide, but your competition across the street has really screwed up badly and you expect to pick up some business because of it. In fact, you plan to make a killing and wipe out all of your losses.

Now imagine some of your customers and now ex-employees have decided to open their own business competing with yours. They are disgruntled: In the case of the ex-employees, they know how badly you run the business, and in terms of the customers, they know that too, but from the lousy service they get and poor products you sell. The problem is that your business and the one across the street are a biopoly, that in fact together have 95% of the market share. You both have a good thing going, and while there is no way that one business could do it all, two businesses will maximize their profits without any real consideration of competition and customers have no where to go.

So those ex-employees and ex-customers open their own shop, but they don't have the organizational skills to run a big company...yet. They have lots of customers that are disgusted with the biopoly, and want to buy their product. It looks like they very well could knock you off and replace you. The other company isn't as worried because they didn't lose quite as many customers or employees, and even if their fortunes have gone downhill, they think they will weather it. What do you do?

One, you can try to out compete them at their own game, but since your brand is damaged, this is a tough row. The other option is to buy them out. Co-opt them. Bring them back in the fold and then when the ruckus has died down, fire every one of them one by one slowly, and get back to business as usual. All it takes is some money and a lot of dialogue with them, convincing them you have organization to make their ideas successful. It could work. It worked 10 years ago when the same thing happened before, so it should work again.

I think you understand my allegory. I hope so. It's like good cop/bad cop, except what criminals forget is that they are both cops. IF the people in the leadership of the Tea Party have any sense of honor, loyalty, ethics and morality, they will stick it out and forge something new. IF not, it's meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Care to talk about it? I'd like to know what you think.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Five Muslim Soldiers Arrested For Attempted Poisoning

Five muslim soldiers were arrested in december of last year for trying to poison the food supply at Fort Jackson in South Carolina.

From FITS NEws:

One website,, is reporting that the five soldiers had been in contact with a group of Muslim extremists in Washington, D.C. Those individuals were recently arrested by Pakistani authorities after relocating to that country to “wage jihad” against U.S. soldiers stationed overseas.
No soldiers were poisoned at Fort Jackson, officials at the base say, and the U.S. Army’s Criminal Investigation Division has been on the case for at least two months.

First Hasan, now this. The Army has a problem, and it has to do with political correctness. Having gone through Army ROTC in the early 80's, this isn't the Army I knew. Is this a coincidence that these incidents have happened on Obama's what, or is it something that has been going on for awhile? Lets talk, tell me what you know, what you think.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Libertarian Politics Live: Andre Traversa and The Right Guy With guests David Keene and Le Templar

NY Pizza

Now for something fun:

If I spend too much time on the phone with family or go home for a week or more I sound like this, sort of. I find it funny and I hope you do as well.

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Obama Doesn't Deserve Second Term

Bad news from friends: CNN poll finds the 52% of americans think Obama doesn't deserve a second term.

From The Hill:

52 percent of Americans said President Barack Obama doesn't deserve reelection in 2012, according to a new poll.
44 percent of all Americans said they would vote to reelect the president in two and a half years, less than the slight majority who said they would prefer to elect someone else. Obama faces a 44-52 deficit among both all Americans and registered voters, according to a CNN/Opinion Research poll released Tuesday. Four percent had no opinion.

This is even worse than his approval ratings, and it's from a poll taken by friendly media, to say the least. This does not bode well for Mr. Obama, but there is still over 2 and a half years until the next election. The GOP has plenty of time to screw things up in the mean time. Remember Bill Clinton in 1994?

The difference is that Bill is a master politician, and the only Republican president we've had since Reagan. Obama has more hubris that Bill, and he's a lot more interested in being right in his own mind that doing the right thing. I find Obama an interesting narcissist. While he thinks he is the one to save us from ourselves, he has no idea what people's perception is of him, or he does not care. He's the bus driver going over the cliff. Ler's hope these numbers continue to slide. 6 and half more years of THe One would be intolerable.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Andre Traversa Show with Co-Host The Right Guy Tuesday February 16 8:00PM CST

Tuesday February 16 at 8:00PM CST:

The Andre Traversa Show with Co-host Jim Lagnese on Libertarian Politics Live

Special guests will be David Keene from the American
Conservative Union who will talk about C-PAC some of whose members are
Marco Rubio, Jim DeMint, and Newt Gingrich. For the second segment we will be featuring Le
Templar with the Goldwater Institute, who will give us his views on the
steaming hot McCain/Hayworth race.

Hosted by Andre Traversa with co-host Jim Lagnese of The Right Guy Show.

Call in at 646-915-9887

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Palestinians Pose as Na'vi

Is James Cameron's movie Avatar political or do people use it as a political tool? How about both. In an effort to use the movie as a symbol of Israeli oppression, Palestinians dress up like Na'vi and protest Israel's border barrier with the west bank.

The demonstrators also donned long hair and loincloths Friday for the weekly protest against the barrier near the village of Bilin.

They equated their struggle to the intergalactic one portrayed in the film...The "Avatar" protest comes a day after the Israeli government began rerouting the enclosure to eat up less of the Palestinian village.

One might say ungrateful bastards, but then again Israel is deal with an insurgency that intends on fomenting Israel's destruction. May be Obama will have them singing songs in his praise any day now, like the kids we have seen in this country in the last year. Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm. I didn't know the Na'vi were Muslim, but then no one knew Obama is one too. :) How's that for a non-sequitur.

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Another Democrat Won't Seek Reelection, Another Opportunity For the GOP

Patrick Kennedy won't be seeking reelection and this presents itself with an interesting opportunity for the GOP. Can they make it two for two? Scott Brown won The Swimmer's seat last month, will Mr. Potato Head get his act in gear for this? By Brown's own admission, the GOP was of little help. Still, there is hope in Rhode Island that the republicans can win yet another seat that had been considered a lock for the dems. First New Jersey and Virginia, then Massachusetts, Today is a good day for America. Who's next? A Kennedy-less congress is also something to celebrate. Have a Sam Adams Ale on me.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Out Of Africa: Obama's African Brothers Show Their Humanity, or Lack of It

H/T Mr Chuck, whose quest for truth never ends. Original article here.

Advanced Warning: This video is brutal and not for those with a weak constitution.

Obama's black ancestry and history is not of the slaves of this country, but of Africans in Africa. While some of the people in this video are descendants of slaves, this is a purely African phenomena. Blacks in our country never went down this road, and it is my supposition that our culture has had something to do with this. So much for the superiority of our Roots.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Libertarian Politics Live: Andre Traversa and The Right Guy with Guest J. Grant Swank

Thank you Andre Traversa and Pastor Swank, and thank you all for reading this blog.

Libertarian Politics Live

On tonight's edition of Libertarian Politics Live,
our guest is J. Grant Swan, a Maine pastor and blogger, who will
discussing the bland bipartisan bullshit that passes for political
discourse in today's politically correct environment.
We will be discussing  Sarah palin, John McCain's bland rehtoric, and other
contorversial issues.
Please join us tonight at 8-00 p.m. Ct, at
Andre Traversa and The Right Guy

Monday, February 08, 2010

W: Miss Me Yet?

Along I35 in Wyoming Minnesota, there is a billboard, shown at left, showing former President Bush waving, with the question: Miss me yet? While The Right Guy has never been a groupie of W, I do believe he is a good man, an honest man, and did what he thought was right, even though I believe he was wrong at times. With Obama, I don't think he is a good man or a particularly honest one. He's also a leftist progressive...But I digress. Yes, we miss you W, compared to what we have now, you were practically Reagan. Well, not quite, but close enough for some of us to ask ourselves, what were we thinking? I am not part of that group, but I have to wonder how many mush in the middle voters mumble to themselves, "WTF?", after reading that billboard.

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The Green Police?

H/T to Clay at BBCW. I think it was a poke at the enviro-terrorists and their hoax agenda. All Audi is saying is their cars will keep you out of trouble with the green "man" as it were. Yes they are that absurd.

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Superbowl, The Who and Obama

It was good seeing The Who play live at the Superbowl, even if it was on TV. Screw the Stones or even Tom Petty, The Who rock, even without Keith Moon or John Entwistle, although we miss the Ox a lot, but Zak Starkey does just as good as Keith and he's world away from his old man in talent. An interesting choice for a tune was "We won't get fooled again". Considering Obamamania of the last 2 years, I have to say amen.

Pete can't jump like this anymore, but The Ox is there.

Thank you for reading this blog.

Sarah Gives Obama Hell

Sarah rocked and inspired all at first national tea party convention

Sarah Palin told the audience of 1100 in Nashville Tennessee that “America is ready for another revolution!”. The headline of the New York Times reads : "Palin Assails Obama at Tea Party Meeting". 

Of course the position of the New York Time is that of the fourth branch of government, that which is the propaganda wing of the Obama administration, for whom their messiah rules with progressive fervor.

The Times Continues:

"Ms. Palin gave the Tea Party crowd exactly what they wanted to hear, declaring the primacy of the Tenth Amendment in limiting government powers, complaining about the bailouts and the “generational theft” of rising deficits, and urging the audience to back conservative challengers in contested primaries."

I guess the sentiment is how dare she propose any opposition to The One. If this had been a democrat saying this, it would be on the front page in glorious review, promulgating the virtues of the left. Alas, The New York Times shows its true colors and to whom it answers.

Some excepts from the speech:

“This is about the people, and it’s bigger than any one king or queen of a tea party, and it’s a lot bigger than any charismatic guy with a teleprompter,” she said.


She blasted him for rising deficits, “apologizing for America” in speeches in other countries, and for allowing the so-called Christmas bomber to board a plane headed for the United States, saying he was weak on the war on terrorism.

“To win that war, we need a commander in chief, not a professor of law,” she declared.


Lastly, she gave this admonition to the the GOP:

“The Republican Party would be really smart to start trying to absorb as much of the Tea Party movement as possible,” she said. “This is a beautiful movement because it is shaping the way politics are conducted. You’ve got both party machines running scared.”

It is in the rational best interest of the GOP to do so, but I suspect that the leadership there is too entrenched, to complacent and too scared to accept the Tea Party, at least for more that one election cycle which is coming to a close this November. Any group of influence and power is afraid of chaos that would bring change and growth: They prefer the order that entropy brings, as it ensures that they will remain in power. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Go Saracuda and screw the New York Times.

Thank you for reading this blog.

Video of Sarah, H/T Teresamerica for video:

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Happy Birthday Ronnie

Happy Birthday Ronnie, wherever you are. You were the best we've had for the last 100 years and it's a shame we've slipped so far so quickly since you left us. Godsspeed.

The picture above is from the Berlin Wall...Mr Gorbachev tear down this f@#$ing wall!

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Big Brother is Here:Google and NSA form relationship

I have been waiting for this for a long time now. Google is teaming up with the NSA in an effort to investigate and thwart cyber attacks and intrusions from external threats, particularly the Chinese. While this may seem patriotic on some level, Remember, the beast can be turned inward and usually is as some point.

Under an agreement that is still being finalized, the National Security Agency would help Google analyze a major corporate espionage attack that the firm said originated in China and targeted its computer networks, according to cybersecurity experts familiar with the matter. The objective is to better defend Google -- and its users -- from future attack.

What also bothers me is that one, Google is run by neocom progressive socialists. These guys make the big brother character that has been trademarked on Microsoft look like grandma's love. Two, Google had no issues int he past selling their soul to get into China. With the amount of information they have on us, and it's more than anyone thinks, it's a relationship I am uneasy with. Businesses aligning with government have a taste of fascism to me. What do you think?

Thank you for reading this blog.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Childcare, Chicom Style

The Daily Mail has released photographs from China of a child that was chained to a pole as a way of securing him while his father worked as a rickshaw driver.

From the Daily Mail:

They say they secured their son, Lao Lu, with a padlock around his ankle because his four-year-old sister Ling was 'stolen' from them last month.
Child snatching is rife in China, where strict laws govern the size of families.

Concerned passers-by spotted the shackled toddler outside Huaguan Shopping Mall in Liangxiang. 

They reported his father to the authorities, who yesterday ordered him to remove the chain although it was not clear what arrangements he would make in future.

There is no nursery place for Lao Lu because his 42-year-old father is a migrant worker from another province, Szechuan, and therefore does not qualify for state help. The family live in one room, 9ft by 8ft.

I don't know what is more aberrant, chaining a kid to pole as a substitute for daycare or a country that tolerates child theft and won't give him any support because he's from another state in that country. I feel for the guy because he lost his daughter, I really do. This truly outlines the totalitarian nature of that country and the utter hopelessness of communism. I would also want to bring up that this is your hard earned money at work, for all those that support China and this sort of thing through their purchases at Walmart etc. All the cheap crap we buy doesn't go very far over their. I suppose you could say that it would be worse without it, but this is the best they can do? Some rising superpower. They have a long way to go to be a "civilized" country.

Thank you for reading this blog.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Still Believe In Government Healthcare? Canadian Premier comes to US for treatment

According to the National Post, "Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams is to have heart surgery in the United States later this week, a press conference this morning is expected to confirm. Media reports last night suggested the popular 59-year-old Premier has opted not to remain in his home province or country for the scheduled surgery, opting instead for treatment at a U.S. institution. The exact destination is not known.

"I can confirm that Premier Williams did leave the province this morning and will be undergoing heart surgery later this week," said Mr. Williams' spokeswoman, Elizabeth Matthews, in an email to the Canadian Press."

All I can say is the old saw actions speak louder than words applies here. We wish Mr. Williams a speedy and quick recovery. I wonder if Obama would send his family (or himself) members to Canada for treatment of an illness?

Thank you for reading this blog.

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