Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Palin isn't in it

Our very own Saracuda isn't running in 2012. Ok. She says she'll jump behind a candidate and support the pick for GOP to defeat Obama. I wonder who she will choose? Will she play queen of the ball and wait to see what the suitors hold, or does she have someone in mind? My guess is she'll support Herman Cain. What do you think?


Anonymous said...


I hope Palin supports Cain. Her Palinistas hinge upon her every word like Gospel, so it wouldn't hurt Cain at all.

I fear, however, that she will go the John McCain-mindset route and go with Romney. She is a clever lady, but she has this thing for RINO love. It befuddles me.

Chakam at The Conservative Guild

The Right Guy said...

She's already thrown blessings at Newt. I have asserted that out of newt, mitt and herman, two out of those three will be on the GOP ticket. The problem I have with all of the candidates except Herman and possible Paul, is that they all work off the corrupted system we have and offer nothing but rejiggered non-sense that in the end is smoke and mirror and kicks the can down the road. If you look at Newt and Mitt, while both have political chops and experience, both are big government establishment GOP. The difference between them and the left is where the money goes. All they talk about is going back to 2008 levels. WTF? That's something to be proud of? I don't get it.

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