Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I voted for...

For three reasons:
One, If RP wins Iowa, he definitely won't get the nomination, Two, Paul's not winning anything, three, it was a fuck you vote. Actually, it was the first Caucus I have participated in and it was interesting, hokey, and in the end, meaningless. On the other hand, I will be a delegate. We'll see if Ran thinks that is a dangerous thing. The big surprise is Perry in the lead. WTF?

In my precinct, the top three were:
Ron Paul 43 votes
Rick Santorum 35 votes
Mitt Romney 29 votes

Huntsman got 1 vote and Newt got 14 votes. Looks like there will be a lot fewer people running after next week.


Chuck said...

That's why I don't vote in primaries.

Because of you. hehe

The Right Guy said...

I don't think Iowa's delegates are counted the same way. It's basically a stunt. I'd rather go to a voting machine and leave. It's a total show. It would be great if I got to go to Tampa.

Chuck said...

As I understand it, it's a glorified straw poll. Wide open.

Gary said...

Not one delegate was chosen.

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