Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The People's Republic of Illinois

The state of Illinois has decided to give driver licenses to illegal aliens, but doesn't trust it's non-criminal american citizenry to be able to defend themselves by owning and carrying a concealed handgun. Something is really wrong here:

The Illinois House on Tuesday approved legislation allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain temporary driver's licenses. The bill was passed by a vote of 65-46.
Under the plan, drivers would get three-year licenses, called Temporary Visitor Driver’s Licenses, but would be required to take a driver's education class and carry car insurance. Lawmakers believe there are as many as 250,000 undocumented immigrants on Illinois roads and that more than 40 percent of deadly Illinois crashes involve drivers who don't have a license. 
Gov. Pat Quinn applauded the House on the move, saying the bill will save lives as well as "help ensure every Illinois motorist is properly licensed and empower more immigrants to become stronger contributors to our economy."
May be Pat Quinn will hire an illegal alien as his chauffeur. It might empower him to become a statistic.  This is all about fraudulent voting and expanding the voting base.

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Gary said...

A good post. The nation is doomed. Best to start early on digging our own graves.

The Right Guy said...

Thanks Gary. It's the world turned upside down. I can understand how the brits felt leaving Yorktown. On the other hand, this could be the start of trouble too. Sometime we need to talk about this at the roundtable. I'll put you on Eric's emails.

Ran said...

Doomed... to a rocky road, but not over yet, Gary. Fat lady ain't sung yet. And if you see her entering stage left, remember, just empty the magazine. That'll buy us some time to sort things out.

The Right Guy said...

Empty the magazine on target...What's the saying? If you aren't shooting it should be because you are reloading or dead. I'll add beating the enemy to death with an empty weapon as acceptable.

Ran said...

Ah, yes... at 9.5# the M1A's walnut serves a dual role. There's a reason the "shoulder pad" is steel, yes?

The Right Guy said...

It should also have a bayonet lug as well. I had a bayonet for my AR15HBAR.

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