Saturday, July 18, 2009

Buy A Truck, Get An AK-47: Missouri Car Dealer Supports 2nd Amendment Rights

Missouri car dealer Max Motors in Butler gives away a voucher for an AK-47 with every truck purchase. I think GM and Chrysler could learn something from this. I wonder if Mark Muller is on the State's list of terrorists?

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Teresa said...

That is awesome!!! Sell a car and give away an AK-47. The owner probably is on the list of terrorists. Heck the Govt. believes people who stand up for the unborn are terrorists. This administration has got a warped sense of who actually are the terrorists, and who aren't.

ed duval said...

This same car guy guy is now protesting against the NFL because of
the whole Rush Limbaugh/St. Louis Rams thing.
Saw this on CNSNews.

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