Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In Minnesota, Go For a Swim, Get Capped By A Cop

A plain clothes sheriff's deputy shot an unarmed man who was returning from a swim. According to witnesses, Deputy Todd Waldron just freaked out. May be it's all those hours he works, as he's also a part time officer at Gustavus College. May be he's just nuts. Whatever the case, he shot someone dead who was unarmed, and he didn't identify himself as an officer. Tyler Heilman was shot while getting up with his hands up, after he realized Todd Waldron was cop because of the badge on his belt. Of course now we'll see the police going back to Tyler's kindergarten records to show what a criminal he was...

You may notice of late I have been a little hard on cops. I want to tell you my grandfather and uncle were cops (A different breed from today's officers) and I dated a NYC for several years. I don't have anything in particular against them, but considering the position they have, I think we need to hold them to a higher standard.

I also think that cops can be tools for politicians to raise money and enforce a politician's will. What probably irks me is the lack of critical thinking and independence on the part of officers when confronted with having to do ridiculous things (quotas and other non-sense). I also have a boner for cops that excuse poor behavior in other cops or even cover it up. My message to the boys in blue is, it's not you versus us at all. You work for us, we give you the authority you have. Respect that, and the fact that most of us are just trying to get along, and not everyone is breaking some law somewhere. If you have fellow officers who are like bored Pit Bulls, get rid of them. Cops should be like Labrador Retrievers.

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Bungalow Bill said...

I have been hard on them too, but with good reason. They are doing stupid things.

The Right Guy said...

To the idiot that wanted to post: I spelled it right in the tags... So what... Cop water boy.

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