Monday, November 15, 2010

Diplomats, Politicians and other Assholes

What follows is not a commentary on the photo on the left in particular, although it exemplifies, to some degree what I am discussing here, but it is rather a general commentary about the invertebrates and supplicants of our society.

Diplomats, Politicians and other Assholes. What I am taking about here are people that have a special skill in life, to a varying degree, which in one case is to serve others, in the other, to serve themselves.

Take diplomats for example. This people represent their home country and it's usually a good idea that these people put on a good face. The job can be as basic as a foreign service officer or as high profile as the Secretary of State. Or you can find them in the workplace as well.

In some instances servile, in others cordial negotiations, always politie. Some would say invertebrate as they will bend over backwards to kiss someone's ass. Diplomats aren't alone in this talent though, Politicians have similar traits as well.

Generally speaking, diplomats don't have enough narcissism to make it as politicians. I would also add they probably have a true heart to serve people, although it is still for their own satisfaction. Politicians on the other hand serve themselves. If they tell you otherwise, don't believe it. Anyone that believes they are the one you should send to such and such an office because they are the best to do it has an abnormal amount of narcissism and shouldn't be trusted. So it goes with many leaders, managers and of course, other assholes.

While politicians have a special skill in not breaking their back when bending over backwards trying to kiss someone's ass (or their own, another endearing trate of the politician), they also have other endearing qualities. Like getting out of the way of responsibility. When was the last time a politicians fessed up on the first go? When was the last time a politician laid it on the line at the peril of their office/position/job? It's as rare as hens teeth I tell you. The politicians main motive is to maintain their status quo first. How they do this is by any means necessary and as I said, what separates them from the diplomat is who they truly serve.

The most remarkable trait a politician has is not only the ability to circumvent responsibility, but to let the blame fall to someone else. Like dog shit that falls from the sky, politicians have the large teflon umbrella and make sure that someone is standing near the edge. To work for these assholes, you might as well be a food taster for Fidel Castro. The best part is they are in every demographic and facet of society and the workplace. Pathological narcissism knows no bounds.

So, on this day in the middle of November, when the days grow shorter and colder, remember one thing:
Keep your distance from these people, lest you be shat upon. The taste of dog shit hasn't improved in the last 48 plus years, trust me.

Thank you for reading this blog.

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