Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where is the ACLU?

The ACLU made such a stink in Arizona about police asking people for their ID, albeit with reasonable cause, but where is the hue and cry about the TSA infringing our rights with their unreasonable searches? No where to be found, that's where. It is sad to see so many americans sit idly by, in ignorance, condoning such tactics as necessary for safe travel. Who has one? It's the same failed logic of gun control. The government is penalizing people and not the criminals. We suffer while the enemy plans. At this point my fellow americans will accept anything. What next, a cavity search? DNA collection and testing? swearing an oath of allegiance? It'll never end in the authoritarian's eye when it comes to being drunk with power in it's never ending journey in their control of people.

Saying this is for safety is bullshit. Look at the Israelis. Do they put their people through this? No. Do they get hijacked or have their planes flown into buildings? No. Instead of taking a page out their books, we take pages from Adolph, Joseph and Mao. The ACLU is complicit in this by their silence and shows how hypocritical they are and one sided. I am sure if a republican was president, we'd see a different ACLU, instead, we see a group that takes sides based on political persuasion. Such political calculations only serves to show how feckless they are. They take the same tack with gun rights.

So, how many nuns, 90 year old grandmothers and blond haired, blue eyed 5 year olds have to be subjected to this non-sense before anyone will do anything about it? I wish we had an organization that helped protect natural rights. Where is Ron Kuby when you need him?

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Bungalow Bill said...

To their credit, they have actually been seen fighting against the TSA. I rarely stand up for them, but they were at the New Jersey news conference earlier this week and exposed that women were being asked to remove their skirts for pat downs. It's rare for me to defend them, but they have been noted and on the right side of this one.

The Right Guy said...

I haven't read anything in the news abut the ACLU coming out with any opinion. It's been silent on a lot of fronts except for Drudge and Fox.

If the ACLU wants to be consistent, they will come out with guns blazing on this, pun intended, and I would also like them to support gun rights. Imagine all the donations they would pick up from Tea Partiers. It also shows their ignorance in marketing. They are shooting themselves in the foot by ignoring the other people in liberty. As Chuck would say, leftists are the scum of the earth. I would settle for idiocy.

Héctor said...

Glad to see you're writing about this... It's sad to see how America is going down the drain. Saldy, I don't think the Tea partiers will help.

The Right Guy said...

The Tea Partiers are against this by and large, but what I am concerned about are the mush in the middle that think that because they aren't doing anything wrong they have nothing to worry about or the idiots that think that any intrusion is worth it for the sake of safety or better put, they will give up any liberty for safety. Xrays, fine, groping, fine, cavity searches, fine. What's next? DNA? Retinal scans? It never ends.

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