Monday, April 25, 2011

Human Trafficking: How Do We Fix It?

The Andre Controversa Show PResents:

Tonight's show will feature a panel on human trafficking. Guests will be Nathan Wilson, Director of the Project Meridian Foundation and Renee Unterman, State Senator from Georgia, who has introduced a bill protecting trafficking victims. Other guests TBA.

Host Andre Traversa

Co-host Jim Lagnese

Show Time Tuesday 7:00PM CST

Call in at 949-203-4821 or stream here.


Steven Givler said...

We can't fix it when we live in an environment that refuses to acknowledge that slavery is an essential component of Islam.

"Asra," a common Arabic word for family, is derived from the root "asr," which means "to bind, fetter, shackle, chain, to capture, take prisoner..." (Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Arabic)

Slavery is the basic societal model of Islam. Man is slave to government, woman is slave to man, children are the slaves of their parents, and unbelievers are slaves to all.

Although the name has been changed, it's practiced in all the Arabian Gulf nations, and it's no coincidence that human trafficking is a problem in all the African nations where Islam is making inroads.

Chuck said...

It is also worthy of note that the African slave trade of lore was an Islamic creation. Sure, the west bought into it, but it was Islam that produced the chattle to begin with. It sort of reminds me of heroin production in Afghanistan. They know full well what they are doing, yet they don't get any blame when the subject of heroin addiction comes up.

With some things, supply is demand. Those things are almost always pure evil.

The Right Guy said...

The show was about human trafficking in the US today. Most of it has to do with prostitution and some with paying off getting here. Right now the mobs and even 1%ers are getting into the action. Think about it. If you are a drug dealer, you have to keep getting supplied. This increases risk. With prostitution, you can use the same people for quite some time, so you won't have the resupply issues.

As far as Islam goes, there is a long and storied history of slavery with them. They are throwbacks and if you looked at jews from 2000 years ago, there wouldn't be a lot of difference in how they handled certain things. Slavery wasn't a big deal back then. Thing is, the rest of civilized society has moved on since then, while Islam is dragging it's feet, kicking and screaming into the 19th century. Our biggest mistake was showing them how to drill for oil and what to do with it. It's kind of like the beverly hillbillies. You can take them out of their environment, but you cannot take their environment out of them.

Lastly, I have to believe that there must be some muslims that are decent folks. It would be ridiculous to think all of them are corrupt and backwards ass reprobate pederasts, but their religion is by and large incorrect. There is absolutely no way to find the clean end of that turd, no matter what Wesley KKK says.

Chuck said...

"Lastly, I have to believe that there must be some muslims that are decent folks."

How decent of you, kind sir. hehe

The Right Guy said...

It's something about always and never. Absolutes are tough on humans.

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