Friday, April 01, 2011

Palin 2012 a Reality

It's Official: Sarah Palin has announced her candidacy for president of the united states. In a press conference scheduled for later this morning at the Jefferson Memorial, Palin will make it official. Some sources say that the ticket will be Bachmann and Palin, leaving some to speculate that the ticket would be called Bachmann-Palin Overdrive. I guess we ain't seen nothing yet. Personally, I think it'll be her and Herman Cain.

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Ran said...

I think a Palin/Cain combo in any order would not only win, but win in an unprecedented landslide.

It is April 01... You wouldn't just be ringing Pavlov's bell on us, would you?

Lofo said...

If she actually runs, she will utterly embarrass the GOP and ensure Obama's re-election.

Her 60% disapproval rating does not bode well at all.

The Right Guy said...

April Fools.

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