Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Birthday Harry

Where we knew the buck really stopped...Happy Birthday Harry, wherever you are.


That Weird Uncle said...

Even though I was born after Harry was president, he is my favorite prez. I didn't know mich about him until I read McCoullough's book.

While I don't agree with his politics, I love the way he conducted the business of the country. He didn't do things to get elected, he did things because he felt they were the right thing to do. Plus, when he spoke, you knew exactly what he said. His press conferences would last 10 minutes:

Press: "My President, do you support bla bla bla?"
Truman: "Yes"
Press: "Mr President, what do you think about yada yada yada?"
Truman: "I don't like it."

Compare that to the Obamas, Bushes, Clintons, etc.:

Press: "Mr President, do you support bla bla bla?"
President: "I think that we need to focus on yada yada yada, that is where the real problem is....(when they finish 15 minutes later, you don't know where they stand on the question that was answered.)

I would love for a reporter to ask a follow up question:

"Mr President, was that a yes or a no? We can't tell."

That Weird Uncle

The Right Guy said...

Other than Grover Cleveland, he's probably the only dem president I like at. Give them hell Harry, the bucks stop here, etc. He was a straight shooter and that is always appreciated. Politically we could disagree, but certainly not to the extent that I would disagree with the dems of today. I also like the fact he wasn't an Ivy league dilettante or high class snob. I like politicians that come from what I consider more average backgrounds and that don't forget it. Politicians today could use some of his style and Moxie. I know of only one that does.

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