Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Happy Birthday George Armstrong Custer

Happy Birthday to George Armstrong Custer, the boy general, Civil War hero and the leader of the 7th Cavalry. Heralded in his day, despised and reviled by revisionist historians, at times the truth is somewhere in the middle. Say what you will, but no one can question his courage. He was the romantic warrior of his time.

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Gary said...

You are kidding????

The man was a moron. Dividing a small command in the face of a vastly superior force.

The Right Guy said...

Moron? Doubt it, just driven. Too driven and a little pazzo. Anyway, I like to stick it to left wing revisionists.

Chuck said...

He was a great man. Revisionists have turned him into a monster. These same scum tell us that Thomas Jefferson was a Klansman and a rapist.

Self hate is the precursor to national suicide.

The Right Guy said...

And we haven't even gotten to George Washington yet.

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