Friday, December 28, 2012

Ted Nugent to Piers Morgan: Suck My Machine Gun


Anita Davis said...

Obama tries to convince us that nothing is his fault, Hillary has been trying to pull the wool over our eyes, they all think that we are such fools that they can do anything and get away with it.

Sorry, but this is not the America that I knew and that I served 4 years in the US Army for. I don't even recognize her any longer. This has been a long nightmare. As they say, It’s all over but the shouting. Our four year nightmare is about to transform into an 8 year nightmare
I used to say that this Country could survive ANY President for eight years. But I’m not so sure about that anymore.
Thanks to the 50% plus of the American people who are Marxist in our schools in the entertainment industry, and of course in the Media, along with the ACLU etc, etc) we have the makings of the third world banana republic. I have always thought that the good American people would always ride up and do the right thing and this could never happen here. . I was wrong, Today everything in this country, its all about abortion, gay marriage, entitlements, and mostly about race. We have a president who is more interested in his Socialist agenda that his country. Socialized health care is here. The president’s socialist agenda is taking over America. And worse of all, Barack Obama, a committed socialist ideologue, is in the Oval Office
I am still so upset and shaken by the absolute stupidity of the American citizenry and all I can say is they got the government they deserve. The big problem with this is my freedom, my rights has be violated, along and I have no say in the matter

The Right Guy said...

While I may agree, lets get some segue into to ted and piers...

Yos said...

Take some heart. You're right, of course. Of times that test our souls, all that.

I'm reminded of a tree we had that had it's roots killed-off: in the last year it made more flowers tjat we'd ever seen. Nature's desperate gambit. I think Progressivism is like that, too. Obama is the last, glorious gasp - but the Progressives are dead ideas walking.

Centralized government has never in human history worked out well. More and more and more of us here in the States - but everywhere too - can see it.

Things probably have to get a bit worse in the short run, but that's all Progressives have. The long run isn't their game.

My humble take, for what it's worth. Cheers.

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