Friday, July 04, 2008


Part of being an authentic and realised human being is to accept that everything we do at some point involves choices. Our own choices. We are responsible for our thoughts, words and deeds and all involve making choices. Many people deflect this reality by saying, it’s not my fault, I wasn’t responsible, I didn’t do it, etc even in the face of the obvious truth that they chose some action or behaviour that got them to that point. It’s easy to absolve oneself by pointing the finger the other way. Denial is a mechanism by which we avoid mental and emotional pain. Denying the responsibility of the choices we make ensures that we will make the same mistakes again and in the end causes more pain for everyone involved. To paraphrase Neil Peart, even if you do not choose, you still have made a choice. There is no way around this unless you are dead. Even if you have been wronged, or hurt, you have made choices that led to that situation. This in no way absolves other actors in our interactions, as they are responsible for their choices and transgressions as well. Just realise that everything you think, say and do has consequences.

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