Monday, July 21, 2008

Karl Rove, Say Cheese

Today I received an email from the Iowa Republican Party. Yes, that is correct, I am a registered Republican, although I must admit that it may change in the near future. Anyway, I received this email in regards to a fundraiser hosted by the party featuring Karl Rove as the guest. The luncheon  cost $100 to attend. I understand that the party wants to raise money, but $100 for lunch is a little steep, but Ok, that is the deal. A little further on I find out that they want $1000 if you want your picture taken with Karl Rove. I was nearly speechless, apoplectic with blood shooting out of my eyes and smoke coming from my ears. Karl Rove should pay me for the photograph. $1000? Holy crap. It's Karl Rove, the mutant machiavellian nurd from Colorado. If Jesus came back, I might pay $1000 to be photographed with him. The gaul, the chutzpah! I emailed Wes Peterson from the Republican Party and promptly told him he is nuts. I also asked what the Lincoln Bedroom would cost if McCain got elected. I'd have to guess at least $250,000 and more like $500,000. Luckily I still have a sense of humor and not much money. The Lincoln Bedroom will be expensive no matter who is in the White House, and if I am going to spend $250,000 for a room, I'd rather stay at the Vatican, or may be Buckingham Palace. What irks me is that access to anyone beyond your local party leader costs money. It's like the damn mafia, only worse. At least the mob accomplishes it's goals. Republicans, particularly those in my state, with the possible exception of Steve King, who is in the congress, have become ersatz democrats. Clearly outnumbered in both state houses they have surrendered everything except the name republican. They would probably label their efforts as some sort of pragmatism, but when you look at the republican platform, and look how they have voted, there is a disparity. Family values, life, etc. Still, they find time to ask me to pay for lunch with Karl Rove, who I have no inclination to be with in the same hemisphere. Good luck with the pictures. 

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