Thursday, July 17, 2008

McCain, Obama, Heroes, Antiheroes and plain idiots

Earlier in the week, John McCain characterized himself more like Theodore Roosevelt as opposed to a characterization by Barak Obama that a John McCain presidency would be like a third Bush presidency. Theodore Roosevelt was considered a progressive in his day, and by current conservative and even republican standards, he would have been more to the left with issues that the party holds dear. Theodore Roosevelt believed in the government helping the underclasses and he aggressively pursued business monopolies. I grew up on Long Island and toured Sagamore Hill, the residence of Theodore Roosevelt, more than a couple times. I consider him one of the greatest men to hold the office of the presidency, and he was a hero of mine growing up. Still, I find I have to reconcile a couple positions he took as president, as they wouldn't necessarily be mine. Even with with our differences (I am a believer in free trade and no/low taxes), I still feel he was a great man. He could talk the talk and walk the walk. He was a moral man that believed in justice, and believed in rugged individualism. He brought America to the fore as a preeminent nation in the world. I can see how McCain would consider himself more like Teddy, but I think he falls short in some ways. He probably not as smart as Theodore Roosevelt, and not as diverse in his knowledge and background. McCain does not have prior executive experience, and he doesn't seem to have the political prowess Roosevelt had, which only could be matched by Bill Clinton, May be. Teddy was as at ease talking with a ditch digger as he was with the Queen of England. Lastly, McCain's position of immigration, at least prior to the last few months, would not fly with Teddy. May be McCain should read Roosevelt's Hyphenated Americanism speech. Still, if McCain aspires to be like Theodore Roosevelt, I think that is fine and he could do much worse and is a lot better off than his political adversary. I don't know who Barak Obama fancies himself like, but my guess is a black Jack Kennedy. He does have the youth and charisma down, but Jack would be a right wing populist by today's standards and had he lived, the Vietnam War would have changed his legacy considerably. That being said, Barak is far left of Jack, as is Barak's wife, who I'd bet would have more to do with his administration than Hillary did with Bill's. If I had to guess, I bet they like people such as Fidel Castro, Karl Marx, and Chairman Mao. The good thing is that no matter how far left Barak is, it is unlikely that he could go through a presidency and enact all the socialist agendas he would like, but the idea of his presidency is disturbing to someone like myself that is an objectivist, libertarian in political bent, and a free trader. The underlying question that no one is asking, who is Barak Obama? Comedian's find it difficult to throw barbs on him, partly because he's black, partly because they like him. The complaint put forth is that he offers nothing for them to go after. If that doesn't cause alarm, I don't know what should. Not only is getting a free pass by the media, but he's hiding who he is. So who is Barak Obama? It'll take more space than I have now, and I will address this later, and hopefully with humor. Now on to plain idiots... Nancy Pelosi (Nancy Lugosi or Bella Pelosi?) wins this week's prize as Idiot for her comment that George W. Bush is a total failure. I will preface my next comment with the statement that I have been disappointed by Bush, and not in a small way, but... Her comment is from someone that has a lower approval rating than the president's approval rating, in fact it is in the single digits. So, my question for this cagna brutta, what is lower than a total failure? She would know. 

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