Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama can't take the heat when he's under the gun

Obama's latest foray into obfuscation and bullying is his latest action against the NRA. He's trying to get ads pulled because he says they are false. We know this is not true. Here are his cease and desist letters:

Documents are courtesy of John Lott's website. Here is a man desperately trying to cover up his true record, whether it is abortion, guns, taxes, and foreign policy. What it comes down to is that he doesn't want people to know and what he is: A radical socialist cultivated by those that fomented the destruction of the US in the 60's and brought up through the Chicago political machine. While he portrays himself one that will work with everyone and bring people together, like a true fascist leader, he quietly stamps out dissent, opposition, and political threats behind the scenes to promulgate his vision of a new socialist order. Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright are not an accident. This man does everything for a purpose. Witness his obfuscation here. 

Thank you John Lott for your vigilance and thank you to those who read this blog. 

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