Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heartless: The Church of Ann Coulter

If I am guilty of anything it is guerilla or viral marketing. In order to promote my blog, I post to a lot of news and editorial articles on the web, leaving my URL http://www.therightguyshow.com in my signature. I don't do it to all my posts, but 90% of them. I don't do them where I can put my URL in and the link is in my name on the post. Most newspapers don't have this feature. Still, I do what I can, to promote this site, and today I got called on it in the Ann Coulter chat room. It seems it is against their policies. I guess their moderator took time off from playing Doom, and noticed or may be one of the miscreants in the forum complained. It wouldn't surprise me. Some of the forum members are downright anachronistic and it wouldn't surprise me if they were militia members. When you see confederate flags as avatars, you have to wonder, but I am digressing here. I find it interesting that a conservative like Coulter would be against a free marketer like myself, but it is her sandbox. So while I never was baptized in the church of Ann Coulter, That's fine with me. I don't think I'll be coming back anytime soon. It's not that I am an elitist, I am not, but the level of repartee there falls somewhere between Deliverance and All in the Family, but without the humor. So Ann, I am guilty as charged. It's a good thing I never got baptized in your church as I can't imagine what reconciliation would be like. 

Thank you for reading this blog. 

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