Friday, September 26, 2008

Who is acting in OUR best interests? Bush et al are the judas goats

Currently, the White House and Congress are working together to solve the financial crisis we are in because of the mortgage debacle. More time has been spent on policy that is based on politics, meaning, how can the politicians get the most benefit out of whatever they do in terms of popularity, votes, and ultimately money and of course power. The Vampiress Bella Pelosi, Howdy Doody George Bush and Uncle Fester Paulson are playing the part of the Judas Goat, leading us to the metaphorical slaughterhouse of socialism. It is no different than Al Gore preaching the world is coming to an end because of man caused global warming. He too is the Judas Goat that wants to lead us into the depths of socialism and global government. These characters are not acting in our best interests, they are not representing the American people in good faith, and they certainly do not have the fortitude to do what is right if they know what that is. A lot of people feel that the average american is getting screwed because the banks are getting bailed out and citizens are not, as with Wall Street vis a vis Mail Street. This is off the mark. People that are irresponsible, need to be accountable, and they have to demonstrate some form of trust. Just as someone seeks forgiveness and does not demonstrate true reconciliation through acknowledgment of their sins and living in way that shows they are not making those same mistakes, If banks and individuals continually have their hand out and make the decisions and mistakes we have witnessed time and time again, then we must not bail them out. Wall Street has not earned our trust, individuals that are looking for a hand out have not earned our trust and the politicians have not earned our trust, not only by their actions here in writing a check that our collective asses will have to cover, but in creating regulation and legislation that helped bring this about. None of the bad actors here are stepping forward with any type of mea culpa, and earnestness in making it right. They just want to make it look like they are doing something, take credit for it and leave us the bill. This just sucks. Thank you comrades Bush, Pelosi, Paulson et al. Please go to central committee and pick up your red berets.

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