Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bow Out

A lot has been made out of Obama's obeisance and obsequiousness to the Saudi King. In our history, the presents that have presided in the beginning of the centuries have helped define America's role in the world. Thomas Jefferson replaced the bow with the handshake and Theodore Roosevelt saw himself as at least a first among equals if not a superior. In our century we have a president that bows before rulers of kingdoms that we have little or no respect for except their ability to pump oil out of the ground, and it's a skill they learned from us. Either Obama has no respect of the office of president, or he is such a person that will do anything to placate friends and enemies. Obama has more in common with that sherry and cheddar surrender monkey Neville Chamberlain every day. If you disagree and think the latest pirate escapade and SEAL rescue proves me wrong, think again. Go Navy.

Obama's bow may be a harbinger of things to come. May be this signals the US bowing out as a world superpower. Time will tell. Obama is not a deliberate man and he telegraphs his intentions. This makes him an easy mark for the likes of China, Russia, Iran etc. Whatever the case, Obama's administration will mark the direction this country takes in this century, and it is not a good one.

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Anonymous said...

I love the way the White House keeps insisting it wasn't a bow- it's insane the way they can't face reality.

The man bowed. Deeply. End of story.

The Right Guy said...

Not only will they not face reality, but they will change it if necessary. They will be on the attack now, as people have become more disenchanted and realize that socialism is not the answer. They will try to force your average disgruntled american to the left by demonizing those in movements that are against Obama, his philosophy and his policies.

Where W had his straw argument with Islamo-fascists, BHO will create a domestic terrorist as his straw man. This will be a distraction from what he will be doing in terms of policies and growth of government. His weakness is the 2010 elections. He has to paint a prettier picture about the economy while still getting people on the tit.

The guy's a master magician. What he has against him is that enough americans treasure their freedom more than they do entitlements. Remember, only 1/3 of the people were for the colonies in the war with england, 1/3 were for england and 1/3 were the mush in the middle. If we can do better than 1/3, we can push these guys over the cliff. Remember, this guy got elected not because we wanted socialism, but because we didn't want george bush anymore. Some of those that fell for his reality distortion field are starting to regret their vote. THe next 6-12 months will be interesting.

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