Friday, April 03, 2009

Repealing the Declaration of Independence?

I wonder if he curtsied for the queen? Next thing you know he'll be begging Putin, " Please don't hurt me".

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H├ęctor said...

I really liked what President Obama said in this video. Americans are often too arrogant, and Europeans are often too anti-American. Neither Europe or the USA can face the challenges of this century alone. No one can.

The Right Guy said...

I don't like what he said from the standpoint that he'd rather take us down a few pegs. He doesn't even see us as s first among equals. He wants us to be a part of a "world order". I am not so happy to give my sovereignty in that context as the people that promulgate that have different ideas about what freedom is than I do. In some cases our arrogance is justified. Not so much Europe's anti-americanism. How many times have we bailed them out? I think we need to let them sit in their own shit. There times I think we should withdraw our support in all foreign countries to remind them of how much we do, which is more than anyone else.

Right now the challenges that face Europe, besides the fiscal stuff, is basically an islamic invasion, for which most of them are capitulating and the relationship is like a tail wagging the dog, IE, Sharia law in England. For us, the challenge will be to avoid socialism. It's not working so well in Europe and it's going to get worse for them.

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