Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Fish Stinks From The Head

I am sure someone out there will accuse me of being an aphorist, but it's hard not to be when there are such good aphorisms. Have you ever heard Steve Jobs say, " Jeez, ya know a Mac is way over priced, even if if it is the best", or Bill Gates say, "Windows is a stinking operating system that should have been scrapped long ago" or better yet, Joe Torre exclaiming how bad the Yankees suck while accepting the World Series Trophy?

I doubt it. I doubt you ever would, even with no one else around. We have a saying where I come from: Il pesce puzza dalla testa. The fish stinks from the head. Obama has a penchant for speaking ill of his homeland when abroad. Colleen Bottalico's mom, Moira Quinn, would have called him a stranger lover. Obviously he thinks this effacement is warranted, and agrees with with it. He must think he is currying favor with foreign nationals. To what end? Does he believe he will run for president of the world? Or does he truly hate this country? May be both? Never trust someone that tries to elevate his/herself at the expense of others. This guy has a combination of a chip on his shoulder, marxist/progressivist beliefs, and the political abilities to get to the office of the presidency, as a shadow candidate no less. I would ask how long before most of realize how disingenuous he is, or to put it another way, when will the stench get to everyone?

It's hard to tell. With the new 4th branch of government, the press, AKA Propaganda and Public Relations, Obama may take his magic act to a whole new level. When he's done, he may make FDR look like Jimmy Carter. I am betting that at some point, the press will get tired of playing step and fetch it and someone will have to look behind the curtain, but who? Bush never had this acquiescent and docile of a press. Can you imagine? I am not taking sides here, only observing. Such obeisance should be disconcerting to journalists. It also doesn't do well for ratings. Have they no pride?

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Héctor said...

Well, as someone who has lived his entire life in a foreign country, I can tell you that Obama's comments don't encourage Anti-Americanism. Quite the contrary, he's strengthening America's relations with the world. Maybe you don't like it, but today a country must have friends and allies. Particularly if it is a country with a huge national deficit and trying to fight terrorism in some Middle-East countries. Bush didn't think so, and he paid the price: how many (important) allies did you have on Iraq?
Also, I don't think Obama is making anti-American comments. He is merely acknowledging past US's mistakes (most of which happened during the Bush era) but also stating that other countries (i.e. Europe) also made mistakes.
I think it is a good step for America to strengthen you relations with other countries. Dubya left a mess in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Partly beacuse of him, there is a strong anti-Americanism in those regions. If you go to the US embassy in Mexico, you'll notice it is surrounded by fences because there are lots of anti-American protests very frecuently. And México is supposed to be a close friend (and commercial partner) of the US.

The Right Guy said...

Being the anti-bush isn't any more rational than being Bush. Every president makes mistakes in policy, without exception. look at it like this: Being popular isn't as important as knowing who your real friends are and who you can count on. I have seen many people do all sorts of things to curry favor and popularity only to find out they were tossed aside in the end after they served someone else's needs. This extends to everything.

I think there is a way to improve relations without cutting anyone or any country down. Obama is a person that makes his straw longer by cutting the other guy's in half. While he is loved in the rest of the world, that love will wain at home in time.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Right guy - great post! When a leader or dictator such as the obamanation embarks on a journey to change a society in his image, he has to commit the populace to the idea that their country stinks. Hence, the stinky fish chief and his penchant for apologizing to our enemies and destroying our way of life....

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