Saturday, June 20, 2009

Moving to Montana Soon? Not so fast: Privacy is not respected there

If you want to work for the town of Bozeman Montana, you may want to think twice. You will be asked for the names of the social networking sites you belong to with the user name and passwords. The mountain states tend to be libertarian, so this comes as a big surprise, and this is clearly over the top. What's next, they will require to search you residence? Your underwear drawer? City Manager Chris Kukulski can kiss my ass and I will tell you that he and others that run the town must be a poor judge of character and/or paranoid if they have to go to those extremes. Big Sky? Big lie. You can keep Montana.

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Anonymous said...

Big Sky, Big Lie, and now Big Brother. I loved Montana for its natural beauty and live and let live spirit of the people when I spent some time there many years ago. But now, it seems to be going the way of Oregon, Washington state and your own state of Iowa, Right Guy.

This is just one more reason I don't work for government. Back in the seventies after my tour of duty with the Navy, I worked for a county public works dept. The most I could stand was two months, and then got a job in the private sector. Later, I had a union job and was able to last a bit longer; about ten months. I've been self-employed since.

Charles said...

Not that you wouldn't like traffic on your own blog but please chime in on the conversation we have going over at Libertarian Republican. Some guy named CC is having a tantrum.

I've enjoyed your comments

The Right Guy said...

I work for the government and I am here to tell you and I not here to help you...:) Sometimes I hate it outright. Too much political non-sense based on socialist agenda and decisions made while sitting on the jon with a plastic tarp over their heads. Such is life in civil service. My dad did it for 39 years, and I don't have a clue how he did it. Between the economy and the parochial nature of where I live, there's not a lot of choices.

Between Chuck and Bint, it's a regular Bill Maher fiasco. Sometimes I think it would be fun if it were a TV show and we could be guest panelists. Can you imagine? It would make Maher's show look like Dick Cavitt.

Anonymous said...

Chuck and Bent?

Look, dude, I at least can post something other than anti-American cliches and adolescent IM jargon. heehee

Chuck Coffer

p.s. Plus I'm not a liar.

Charles said...

Right Guy: It seems you are one of the few who get the big picture. The left right paradigm is a patently false one. The decisions made by every Presidential regime since Johnson have all benefited the ruling class directly.

While there has been some policy differences that have benefited the rest of us (I'm a fan of Reagan. though I find the idea that he won the Cold War laughable. As if communism wasn't just about dead by 1980) every decision is made to the benefit of a certain caste of interest group. This is not a conspiracy but a documented financial fact.

The corporatist/statist dystopia seems to be on it's way. As this thread shows privacy is gone. People don't own their own businesses as much anymore and government schools spit out more cogs for the machine everyday.

Though I'm sure CC and he others would now consider me a Marxist for bringing up class warfare even though i framed the debate with the context of American faux capitalism.

Some cant see the forest for the trees...

The Right Guy said...

Now Chuck, I did say the show would be great with you, didn't I? No cliches here, only observations.

Thanks Charles, I appreciate your comments. More to come.

Left Coast Rebel said...

RightGuy - All is not as it seems in Montana. I have a friend that moved to Mousula (spelling?) and although he loves the outdoors, friendly populace, etc, he has told me that there are quite a few leftist wackos that have infiltrated the area. Kind of like the crazy little hippie towns in CO. He also said his property taxes suck too.......
Nice story!

The Right Guy said...

Thanks. A lot of west coast wackos have infiltrated Iowa too. They have money, but they also bring their ideology. Right now we are a purple state. The other thing is that the socialist education system's efforts are starting to come home to roost. Ben Franklin said it best: "A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved." In spite of all the information we have, critical thinking, understanding the nature of natural rights and what fomented this great nation have been lost to our youth. Being able to twitter and to have an iPod does not make one free.

Anonymous said...

This suprises me. I always had this picture of Montana as one of these big, open, "live free" states.

Guess I can scratch 'em off my shrinking list.

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