Sunday, June 07, 2009

Michelle Gives the Malocchio: A picture is worth a thousand words

The South Shore Strega sure gave Carla Bruni the evil eye. You have to believe there is no love lost between those two. carla might get her ass kicked in a fight, but she's got my vote for her sartorial expertise and good sense to marry a conservative. Still, the Obama insanity train goes on with the added staff member of taster. What an indulgence and insult. The more I hear about this Harvard educated finocchio and his family, the more I think they are farcockt.

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Anonymous said...

Great pic i will be adding it to my collection. Mich the Bell is such a b.

Drooz said...

Lady M needs to get that stick removed from her ass. Why does she look so bitter all the time? Poor thing doesn't even have guns and religion to cling to.

The Right Guy said...

It looks like she wants to put that stick up someone else's ass. She's bitter because she's Geppetto behind the curtain and Pinocchio gets all the credit. Bruni gets animus from The One's wife because Bruni is gorgeous and she is Aunt Ester.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe she's just an asshole with a sense of entitlement.

Imagine your only decent job having been created through a corrupt deal your husband put together. She's taken seriously by everyone but herself. She knows what she's accomplished in life.

The same anger seeps from Brakabama's very pores. He lives every day with the knowledge that he has never accomplished anything worthy of note. The fawning of others inspires not appreciation, but loathing.

The Right Guy said...

That supposes she cares that much. On the other hand, I think you are on to something. May be she is the woman behind Barack and in some ways made him what he is. I wouldn't be surprised if she was the promulgator in everything he does, from Reverend Wright, to their black liberation theology, to his becoming president. She is the crusader (true believer) and he is the gangster. Still, may be your first statement says it all: "She's an asshole with a sense of entitlement". Affirmative action will do that... Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Everyone cares that much. Everyone wants to be important. No one doesn't want to matter. That's why dumbshit celebrities do PSAs telling you to wipe yer hiney with the proper paper.

Every human being wants their life to be significant when compared with the lives of others. Even the lowest wants to be better than others. There is always an ethic. Its how we are wired. The hobo and the CEO have pretty much the same brain.

Just some fodder.

Anonymous said...

Imagine the feeling of being treated like a rock star while knowing you were Millie Vanilli.


That's usually how it works.

Anonymous said...

And then there's Maude;

That old compromisin', enterprisin', anything but tranquilizing,
Right on Maude!


The Right Guy said...

Affirmative action would contribute to the milli vanilli complex, no? For my undergrad I went to a state school that catered to minorities. I could write a book about it...For instance, I remember one of my first papers for a history class, we had to write a paper, 5-10 pages, typed, with bibliography and references, which I did, and I got an A-. I remember walking up and seeing another student, an african american who had written his assignment on binder loose leaf in pencil without references or bibliography and it surely wasn't 5 pages and he got an A. When I confronted the professor, she said that since he was black, he would have a tougher time getting ahead in life and she had to give him a head start and break because she wanted him to succeed. On some level I felt like it totally devalued my work. Understand this guy had his college paid for on the dole, got room and board. I worked and commuted. We both had access to the computer center and library. anyway, I don't know where this guy ended up, but you have to wonder if any justice is being done with the mentality of that professor, which wasn't unique in that school. Of course there wasn't...

Anonymous said...

You were certainly dealt an injustice, but the greater injustice was done to the guy held to a lower standard.

Think of your children. Would you rather your son be the guy who has held to a higher standard, or be the guy treated as inferior thereby being denied the opportunity to earn his station in life?

My gripe with affirmative action isn't what it does to whites and asians. The outrage is in what it does to its supposed beneficiaries.

The most pernicious form of racism is expressed as benevolence.

The Right Guy said...

I agree with you 100% here. It does the recipient no favor at all. It's a false sense of accomplishment and if and when they find it out, it probably shouldn't sit well. No, I would be pissed if my kids teachers pulled this.

Bungalow Bill said...

The Obama's are evil people. Now he has been in office, there's enough pictures out there that show the hate in their eyes.

The Right Guy said...

I don't know about evil, but I believe that she especially has a lot of bitterness and anger against this country and white people. In her eyes this is probably pay back. Sure, I have no idea what it is like to be in her shoes or his, but I will tell you what: Each of us is the master of our own fate and ultimately responsible for our actions and our lives. Even if Obama never got to the white house, he lived better than 95% of the people in this world, so he did well. Holding on to whatever they held on to only served to push them to where they are. Now what? His agenda is to make us like farm animals. Not out of some benevolence, but out of hate supported and justified by arrogance and elitism. Yeah, evil may be a descriptor when this is done.

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