Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Andre Controversa Show

Tonight's show asks and answers the question of whether or not Planned Parenthood aids and abets sex trafficking of minors.

Guests tonight are Alex Pollock a resident fellow with the American Enterprise Institute, he will be discussing Fannie Mae and Fredie Mac at 7-30 and also we will have Robert Roman, senior editor at AMERICANS FOR LIMITED GOVERNMENT.

At 8-00 p.m, we will have Tevi Troy a former Bush aide, now with the Hudson Institute, who will discuss Judge Vinsons' healthcare ruling. Host Andre Traversa, Co-Host Jim Lagnese


H├ęctor said...

As I understand, PP notified the authorities of a possible sex traffic ring when they heard of this. Also, they fired that employee.

Velvet Over Steel said...

I was so not surprised by this. I have my own personal and upsetting experience with planned parent hood many years ago and will never think much of them, trust the organization or support any organization that supports them.

21 years ago I was recently divorced from an a abusive husband and found myself pregnant (after having my tubes tied and only one time out of lonliness). I was 27, had 2 sons that I adored, a full time job & money. I was Extrememly lucky although I had No family or any other support system at the time.

I went to planned parent hood for a preg test, because I 'couldn't' really be after having my tubes tied, however I had all the sighns and wanted to ease my mind. Turned out I was of course and the PP sent enormous time and pressure on my to have an abortion. Not even a consideration or thught for me at that time or ever!!!! All I could think of later was how lucky I was to be 27 and able to take care of myself AND my 3 sons. But what about the the 17 year olds... PP pushed women back then and still today, to have abortions. Instead of really giving optinions, support, counceling or Help. I have no respect for Planned Parenthood and any organization associated with them.

Thank you for letting me vent & tell my story. Feel free to sharing it! :-)

Coreen @ VOS
P.S. I'm your newest follower & fan!

The Right Guy said...

All you have to do is trace to the roots of PP. Margaret Sanger. It was founded by a racial bigot that believed in eugenics. Nothing good can come from someone like that. To do so would be like saying Hitler was great because the trains ran on time. I guess so. Thanks for sharing. I hope you listened to the show.

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