Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Two Faces OF Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney, on The Imus Show this morning, told us how Romney Care was a great thing for Massachusetts and how proud he is of it, yet how bad it is for the rest of the country. Huh? His argument was that for a s state to enact socialized medicine is ok, but not the federal government. Ok. But the idea he would say that socialized medicine for a state is a good idea shows his true beliefs or even the lack of them.

Mitt has a habit of changing his positions to fit the constituency of the moment. He is far worse than either Bush and probably a GOP version of Clinton at best. Clinton was also a politician that tried to be everything to everyone. He is pure Gangster. Look or listen at the disappointment with Scott Brown, another Massholechusetts socialist republican. East coast liberal republicans will always be a disappointment. We can do better than this and I hope we will.  A pretty face does not make a good president.

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Bungalow Bill said...

I expect him to run from Romney in the coming months.

The Right Guy said...

Me too.

LL said...

Romney has some supporters but he won't be able to face the national litmus test. He's a RINO at times and a conservative at other times as you point out.

The Right Guy said...

While he doesn't have the negatives of a Palin, at least we know where she stands. I would say that as much as high negatives are perceived as bad, may be it's a god thing. I think Reagan had some high negatives amongst the left and he turned out pretty good.

That said, depending on how things go in the next year, I see Christie's star rising. I've also heard some good things about Herman Cain, but I don't know if he has the time to get the name recognition.

It'll be interesting to see who the MSM blesses. The did with McCain and he was/is a disaster.

Ran said...

"A pretty face does not make a good president." No...!! There goes my hope for Hillary.

I like Mitt and I admire him, much as I do Senator Lieberman, but neither PLEASE as President.

As to Christie... I smell a RINO. Makes kissy-face with RINOs while rejecting Tea types such as Palin. Dunno yet. Appearances can be theatre - maybe he's gold, maybe gharbasz?

The Right Guy said...

Calling Christie a RINO and liking Romney is confusing. Romney is a RINO and Lieberman is a liberal Dem. Christie may be a RINO or he might not. He's certainly willing to let it all hang out where as Romney talks out of both sides of his mouth. Time will tell with Christie. It all depends on what happens in the next 11 months.

Teresa said...

I have mixed feelings on Christie. Romney is a RINO and we need to make sure that he isn't our presidential nominee.

The Right Guy said...

I do too Teresa. He's real shitty on the gun issue and I imagine the abortion issue as well. Is he the best we have? No. Just a riding star at this point. Lots of rising stars hit their zenith. Look at America's Mayor, Rudy. Politically, he's as dead as Abe Lincoln. I've come back around to Palin again, but I think there must be others out there that aren't lifetime machine politicians that talk out of every side of their mouth, gland hand, lie and are everything to everyone. That's the appeal of a Christie or Palin: Love them or hate them, you know where they stand.

Bill589 said...

Right Guy - I’m awake again. Who knows for how long. But I’m glad you, Dondero, and others are still around fighting for liberty for my children.

If Romney gets nominated, I won’t vote Republican. I’d look to you and a few others for advice, but I can’t imagine you supporting him either.

You might remember, I like Palin. I don’t agree with her on everything, but with little effort I know where she stands on things consistently. (Not changing year to year like Mitt.)

I think finding a candidate that knows what to do to fix our country is the easier part. It’s finding a candidate that has the balls to do what’s needed to fix our country that’s rarer. She may have weaknesses, but she’s got big cojones and right small government principles.

If there is somebody that can win that is better for my children’s future than she is, tell me. I still might support her, but I’m sure I would give your opinion a lot of thought.

The Right Guy said...

Bill, it's too early and there will be a panoply of candidates in the primary. Find someone you like and support them in the primary. We can do better than Romney. One clue of who not to support in the candidate that the MSM supports. The MSM loved McCain and after he got the nod, they turned on him.

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