Sunday, February 06, 2011

Cameron is being called a racist for telling the Truth

Cameron is being crucified for telling the truth, and others are being prosecuted for expressing the same truth. No matter what the consequences of the progressive diversity mentality, the left continues to double down and refuses to admit what they have wrought, moreover they say it isn't enough. The truth is that Islam and it's PPP's® (Promoters of the Pedophile Prophet) are invading Europe, disregarding the home culture if not pissing on it, and promoting their backward, antediluvian mores through both threats and actions with deadly and pernicious results. I could go on, but Pat Condell summarizes here better than I ever could. It's his country, he loves it and more power to him to speak the truth. Someone over there has to get a spine. It's time to stop being Farm Animals® and come back to being rational, sentient human beings.

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