Monday, March 28, 2011

A Bridge Too Far

We could argue all night about whether the killings were just or not, or whether we should be in Afghanistan, but one thing is for certain: We've lost the moral edge and we've lost our way.  Almost 10 years ago we went after Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan and we still do not have him.

The latest cinematographic treatises created by our soldiers in Afghanistan show that our soldiers have lost their moral compass. They are enjoying themselves and going beyond killing the enemy, whoever that is. This is a result of two factors: The lack of real, attainable goals with an end game and no oversight. We hear talk of killing innocent civilians and framing them with planted weapons. Sounds like something corrupt police do. Obviously they know they've done something wrong, otherwise why plant the guns? Further, it is disgusting to mutilate bodies and save relics. I've always thought our soldiers, especially the latest iteration of the US Army, are the best there is and have ever been. I feel like this proves me wrong.

The responsibility for this non-sense falls squarely on the soldiers themselves as well as the command. We need to discipline these people quickly and with extreme prejudice. There is no place in our military services for people like this. We also need to take a long hard look as to why we are there. We have no real attainable goals, no end game and we haven't accomplished anything other than sending soldiers home in coffins and wasting billions of dollars on a bridge too far. The Russians failed in this stone age play and so have we. I believe if we wanted Bin Laden, we could have had him by now. I really have to wonder why such jackasses like Obama and Bush implemented, promulgated and continued this charade like a pair of 3rd grade cowboys and indians dilettantes. I have come to the conclusion that political power, money and position are no substitute for efficacy, competence and good, moral, judgement. This is nothing to be proud of and god help us.

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Ran said...


No armed force in history has been comprised entirely of moral saints or boy-scouts. Ugly stuff happens, always has happened, and always will. Yeah, so some reprobates posed for the camera and did unforgivable crimes. "We" haven't lost our moral edge and "we" haven't lost our way. "They (who) are enjoying themselves" are not all American soldiers or servicemen.

The simple fact that most, if not all of these thugs have been arrested and are facing courts martial is evidence of the healthy compass. If they have erred, we will take care of that; if they have murdered, G-d will handle their eternal souls.

I am still proud of our military and its vast majority who have their heads screwed-on tight. That said, I'm with you on mission definition and mission "creeps" with political agendae. Spot-on.

The Right Guy said...

I had a reality check today, from my boss, who is retired air force. It wasn't to do with this, but he made a comment that perception is reality, meaning what people think is more important than what is. While you and I know that most soldier aren't like this, it reflects poorly on the whole and it will be used as such.

No, I am not looking for saints, but if I had a job to do, I would not relish it and stoop to depravity. Read about the 15 year old boy where they threw a grenade at him and shot him. He did nothing wrong except to be near some well armed sociopaths. It's bad enough we have to fight these third world 7th century relics, but to do stuff like this invalidates everything in the eyes of too many. Just because we are there and in our own eyes have a moral mission doesn't excuse this. I am tired of the rah rah red white and blue idiots that will give a pass to such behavior because of the job these guys do. Now is not the time to lower the bar, it's a time to raise it. Put it plainly: We are better than this.

I think we need to reconsider things and may be come to a different understanding. This alleged nation building or whatever we are doing isn't working. If we have any clue where OBL is, lets get him one way or another and go home.

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