Sunday, March 13, 2011

Palestinians for the Promotion of the Pedophile Prophet Exterminate Jewish Family and Then Celebrate

H/T to Chuck Coffer and The Jawa Report

The Fogel Family was brutally murdered by Fatah's military wing (al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades). Below are pictures of the family. I will repost the crime scene photos from Jawa with a purpose in mind: To effectively demonstrate that Islam is not a religion or culture of peace. It never has been and it isn't now. Mohammed killed thousands of Jews in Medina and they haven't stopped since. I would ask those that support the palestinians, how is this right? Let's see them try to pick up the clean end of the turd.

To add insult to injury, palestinians were celebrating this.

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DUTA said...

Thanks for posting the dreadful pictures. The world has to know.

The Right Guy said...

I apologize if I offended your of anyone's sensibilities. Sometimes the shock value is needed. As a society, we have no problem showing naked bodies and sex, and scores of other reprobate behavior, but truth in life is another story. The people that did this are the lowest of the low.

Chuck said...

The pixelization obscures the fact that those animals cut the little baby's head off.

The Right Guy said...

Thing is, if the kid was decapitated, why bother with the EKG pads?

Chuck said...

There is no picture of the infant in that series. Just the other two kids.

Chuck said...

And I missed that when I first looked at them. My mistake caused misdirection.

Please forgive my negligence.

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