Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Happy Birthday GOP

Jul 06, 1854, In Jackson, Michigan, the Republican Party started its existence at a convention. So, on this July 6, 2011, I wish the GOP a happy birthday. 157 years of supporting such diverse presidential candidates from Teddy Roosevelt to Calvin Coolidge. Lets also not forget that the GOP was the african-american party. That my friend is a very big tent. Hopefully the Tea Party reshapes the GOP for the next 157 years as it lost it's way.

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Bungalow Bill said...

Thus the party of Lincoln... I don't see much to celebrate when you look at what the party stood for back then. Lincoln's war was a war against states' rights, and if you think it was about slavery, well, you better read his inaugural address.

I like to think the true Republicans were Jefferson's anti-federalists who practiced republicanism through limited government.

The Right Guy said...

Not being from below the mason dixon, my sensibilities are different. Read Mississippi's declaration of secession. It's all about slavery. Calling it state's rights is trying to pick up a turd by the clean end. Since it was founded in 1854, it's not so much the party of lincoln as it was the party of abolition.

If there is anything to be learned from this it's that this is what happens when the can is kicked down the road. Some issues are inevitable. Deal with them now or later, but they will be dealt with and not always to everyone's satisfaction.

Gary said...

***** Lincoln's war was a war against states' rights *****

Toally wrong. Lincoln fought an internal rebellion where ruthless mobs dressed in grey uniforms shot down and killed as many soldiers of the Republic as they could find.

My problem with the Republicans was there were not enough hangings of traitors after the war.

The first one to be hanged should have been Jefferson Davis.

Davis four times took the oath the "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution" as a:

--- Army officer
--- Member of the House of Representatives
--- U.S. Senator
--- Secretary of War

Death to traitor scum.

The Right Guy said...

Considering they lost, that could be the narrative.

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