Thursday, July 14, 2011

Is Obama Losing Jewish Voters?

Our 8:00 PM guest is Tevi Troy with the Hudson Institute. He'll be talking about Obama's sinking clout with Jewish voters. Other guests to be announced.

Show time 7:00PM CST. Call in at 949-203-4821 or stream here.

Host Andre Traversa
Co-host Jim Lagnese


Ran said...

Certainly is around our shul... I refrain from "Told you so!" and point instead to David Mammet.

The Right Guy said...

It's a paradox. Having grown up with reform and conservative jews, to a person, they were liberal. If they were true to their faith, I think they'd be a little more conservative.

Chuck said...

"I think they'd be a little more conservative.".

Orthodox Jews are. Thing is, I think the Jew vote is more of a canary in the coal mine than an actual electoral asset of any worth one way or the other. Jews overwhelmingly live in urban areas that already support the democrat party almost universally. If brakabama's support from that demographic is cut in half, it effectively means he lost a half a percent of the electorate. I wouldn't venture to say, however, that his losing them means the republican's picking them up.

Just sayin'

The Right Guy said...

Orthodox represent a small part of the jewish community in NY. At least that is my experience. May be Ran can explain better. I can only tell you my experiences. I mean I have been over people's houses for passover, read from the Haggadah and wore a yarmulke. I respect the culture, but I don't understand the progressive slant.

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