Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heroes and Assholes

Normally, you might find me ridiculing or being hard on Leonard Boswell, the Democrat Congressman from Iowa's 3rd congressional district. I have to tell you I have found some new respect for Mr Boswell. You see, last Saturday night, an assailant entered Mr Boswell's home in Davis City and held a gun to her head while demanding money. Mr Boswell, who is 77 years old, tackled the assailant and in the process broke a rib. His grandson retrieved a shotgun, pointed it at the assailant, who then fled. I have to give props to Leonard, he's no cacasotto, as we say in the old country. He did the right thing, as did his grandson, although I think it would have been better if his grandson sent an ounce and a half of #6 at David Dewberry, who has a criminal history of being a second floor man and he's only 20 years old.

Leonard, ya done good.

Our next award recipient is Lindsay O'Brien, 28 years old, pregnant and from Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. It seems Vaughn Matthews thought he was entitled to her laptop bag and laptop and tried a snatch and grab. Ms. OBrien, over 3 months pregnant, gave chase down the stairs and when confronting Mr Vaughn, he broke her wrist and hit her in the abdomen. For his troubles, Lindsey kicked him twice in the leg, breaking his tibia in two places, which will require two surgeries. Mr Vaughn was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, robbery, theft, receiving stolen property and reckless endangerment. I like it when a plan comes together.

Can you say Mama Grizzly?

Lastly, our asshole award goes to the liberal scum and police in New York City. Jason Fordell was beaten and robbed by four black assailants on the subway who taunted him with terms like cracker and white boy, and were encouraged by other passengers on the train to beat him, one of whom asked to join in and asked "I get a few shots too". This particular asshole, Barminthe Ramoutar of Brooklyn, was arrested. Thing is, the cops didn't think this was a hate crime, but would continue to investigate. Of course of if Mr Fordell had used the term "nigga", I am sure he would have been arrested forthwith. That said, with the detritus that runs the city, it's no wonder. Say what you want about Rudy, but he was straight up compared to who replaced him, who is a bleeding heart asshole in republican clothing.

"I had a whole lot of bleeding from my skull," he said. "My eye is swollen five different colors. There was blood in my urine. I have a footprint on my back and on the back of my neck."
The case is being investigated by detectives, but has not been assigned to the NYPD hate crimes task force because cops are unsure if the suspects were motivated by bias, sources said.
"They have to look at whether that was the motivation before the robbery," a police source said.
Motivation? They are scum of the earth and they did it because he was a white weakling. Of course, according to some civil rights commentators, blacks can't be biased or racist. Res Ipsa Loquitur. If this was reversed, we'd have Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson parading around 260 Broadway with Bloomberg doing his best Lewinsky impression on each of them. Sfacime.


Gary said...

I still say the Congressman is an ass-hole.

I am not cutting this Commie Bastard any slack.

Wow. A gun was used to defend his family. Great. But back in Washington that Commie-Pinko-Scum takes a Federal Gun, puts it to the head of every American and demands our money.

At least the criminal breaking into his home was honest about what he was doing.

The Right Guy said...

I was giving Boswell some props. He did do the right thing. Normally I hit him with brickbats. The good thing is, we have redistricting next time around. May be he won't run or will have different competition, like Latham or King.

If you want to assail a commie bastard, go after Loesback. As least Boswell served in Vietnam. Can you imagine me defending Boswell? I couldn't. I still can't.

Anyway, Dewberry should have been ventilated and the commie asshole back east should retire.

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