Sunday, July 24, 2011

Confessions, Observations and Projection

I have to admit it. I was on the Islam is to blame train with the Oslo Bombing and Shootings. Shit, I was on the phone with Eric at Libertarian Republican before the news was spread very far and he hadn't heard of it yet. The first thought in my mind was, it was the fucking muslims. I mean they do have a pretty strong history for these things. Instead, we find out that it was a blond haired, blued eyed, crazier than a bag of squirrels cock-sucking son of a bitch. His point of view might be understandable, I mean muslims have immigrated into Europe in such numbers that things are changing for the natives there. Instead of looking for political solutions like a Geert Wilders, he decided to take matters into his own hands. No, he didn't blow up or shoot the muslims, who he hated. He went out and made a bomb with over 13,000 lbs of fertilizer (the Norwegian government was alerted to this) and detonated it in front of the building where the Prime Minister's office is, killing at least 7 people there and went to an Island where he gunned down scores of people killing at least 86. What is even more ironic is that he belonged to a political party called the progress party, which opposed the muslim immigration policies (if you want things back the way they were in the past, how is that progress? Just saying. ) of the Labor Party. He was also a Mason and part of some group called the Knights Templar. I feel sorry for the Masons after this fiasco.

So, instead of some imam in lockup, we have a modern day version of a hitler youth turned mad. What will the Norwegians do? Will this guy get executed? I hope so, and quickly too. Terrorism should be tolerated by any society, although it has in Europe with the likes of the IRA, but that is another story, for another time. Europeans have been way too tolerant of islamists as well. Even the Archbishop of Canterbury says that we might as well give up, as sharia and islam will be "unavoidable".  Still, what to do about it? For one thing, stop being saps and breaking your backs bending over backwards for people that don't respect you. Two, it's time to say enough and put an end to the open immigration policies and put some sanity to whom is allowed in and who isn't. Even though my ancestors came from some of these European countries, I would have a harder time gaining entry for the purpose of citizenship than if I was from Pakistan or the Sudan. That's fucking retarded.

In the end, the Europeans need to start believing their culture is better than anyone else's. Right now they have a moral equivalence about themselves that every culture is equivalent and therefore equal. They aren't. This quest for some sort of egalitarian mantle will only bring about their own demise and furthermore, the people they are trying to please won't give a hoot and will take advantage of their "good will". Basically, the Europeans are naive. They are to blame for this too. Because of their lack of backbone, lack of conviction in who they are, their lack of understanding what is, has allowed a mental case like Anders Breivik to come about. Monsters are a creation of their environment and this guys wasn't dropped in Norway by little green people. No, he's a home grown nut job and he won't be the last.

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Gary said...

I was withholding judgement until more info came in. It was the right move.

On the other hand, I sleep very well at night standing up for all things Western and opposing Islam at every turn.

From day one Moslems have attacked, butchered and conquored and enslaved every possible ethnic and religious group around them.

The fact that one guy went nuts has no meaning to me any way, shape or form. His killings can't even equal the murders by Moslem terrorists in the last 30 days.

The crazy Norwegian will be forgotten by most of the world in a week. The insanity of militant Islam will never end.

Chuck said...

21 years is the maximum penalty for any offense in Norway.

There is something very sweet about that. It's Smurf Village justice. Crime in places like Norway has been almost non-existent until they were convinced they were wrong for just being themselves. Now they are suffering the results of their own unearned guilt...and Skandis are famously suicidal.

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