Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Insanity Ratchets Up a Few Notches

Now the founder of the Global Warming Religion says that Barack Obama only has four years to save the world.   First off, predictions are generally wrong over 90% of the time. How could this mountebank possibly know anyone has four years to solve any problem, but to make the arrogance even worse, it is Barack Obama that can and has to do it. This guy is blowing pussy farts because there is a likely chance that capitalism can be replaced with socialism with Obama in the White House and democrats controlling congress. That's what the whole anthropogenic global warming hoax is about, that and controlling people's lives, which is the same thing. While the Weenie Hut Jr's in attendance will say capitalism destroyed itself, let me remind them that is was the social regulation that brought about this latest fiasco, not free market economics. 

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