Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little Green Men?

There are aliens on Mars all right, but not the kind you might be thinking about. It seems there is methane on Mars and it could only come from a biological source, so says NASA. I wonder how long it will be before the eco-terrorists weave this into the narrative of their most sacred religion, The Church of Anthropogenic Climate Change. I am sure we are some how responsible for this and the impact it will have on the Martian planet is immeasurable. 

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Héctor said...

Life on Mars? Sweeet!

Kit Stolz said...

Did NASA really say that methane on Mars could only be the result of biological activity in the past?

I doubt it. Because here on earth, methane can be released by volcanic activity, and just this sort of release is suspected to have caused one of the five great extinction events in earth's history; that is, the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, better known as runaway global warming.

Methane release from other planets also is known to occur. BTW, Wikipedia and countless other reputable sources are readily available on the web should you wish to know what you're talking about before you blog. about.

The Right Guy said...

If you read the article, they do say methane can come from volcanoes, but there hasn't been any volcanic activity on mars in a long enough time span such that there would be any left. Mars is a long way from Taiwan.

Kit Stolz said...

From Scientific American:

"Although life as we know it can produce methane, the presence of methane does not necessarily signify the existence of life. So planetary scientists must investigate thoroughly the sources, sinks and isotopic composition of this gas, along with other organic molecules and trace constituents in both gaseous and solid samples."

Please do not blog out of ignorance, just because you can.

The Right Guy said...

Kit, I can blog about whatever I like. I don't need a petty socialist second hander telling me what to do. Go fuck yourself and your self righteous bullshit attitude. I was just presenting an article from the internet. what pisses you off is that I mentioned eco-terrorists. You are probably one of them. As I said, go fuck yourself.

dmarks said...

There was nothing ignorant about the post. Really.

Héctor said...

Agree with dmarks.
NASA said that methane is a strong evidence of bacterial life in Mars, since (as Right Guy already pointed out, and Kit should know if he looked it up in Wikipedia or SciAm) there hasn't been volcanic activity in Mars for quite a while.

The Right Guy said...

Interesting article whose link I got from john batchelor. It notes volcanic activity no longer exists on Mars:

Kit Stolz said...

Here's the AP story on the NASA news release. Interesting how the veteran science reporter Seth Borenstain didn't jump to conclusions:

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- A surprising and mysterious belch of methane gas on Mars hints at possible microbial life underground, but also could come from changes in rocks, a new NASA study found."

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