Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heisman Trophy Winner Takes a Stand

He chooses life.

Tim Tebow, Heisman Trophy winner and quarterback for the University of Florida will appear in an advertisement during the superbowl that is paid for by the group Focus on the Family.

The ad features Tebow and his mother, and she discusses her choice for life. Of course, people are already taking sides at his school:

“It’s a big coming-out party for Tim Tebow in terms of moving from athletic superstar to the political realm,” said Daniel Smith, UF associate professor of political science and faculty adviser to Gators for Choice.
Once the ad airs on national television, it might cause some interesting discussions on college campuses while also rallying the pro-choice community, Smith added. The commercial's content might also have an effect on Tebow’s fan base.
“When you are an athlete and you put yourself out in the public sphere when it comes to politics, you have a good chance of alienating half your fan support,” Smith said.

Some are even itching for a fight, and it seems to me ironic that a law student would want to prohibit free speech and personal beliefs:

Karen Middlekauff, a UF law student and the president of Outlaw, an organization for College of Law LGBT students, said she believes that Tebow is still a representative of UF, and he has chosen to represent a viewpoint that shouldn’t be associated with the university.
“Focus on the Family is a very well-known group for speaking out against LGBT issues,” she said. “A lot of people know that.”
The commercial is also highlights the strength of Tebow’s religious beliefs, something the general public may not be aware of, she said.
“The UF community itself knows that he is very religious and he’s done a lot of humanitarian work,” Middlekauff said. “I don’t know if the public knows that. They’ll know after this.”
AC Stokes, the UF director of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Affairs, said Tebow is probably aware that he is being used for a political purpose and that he will now be associated with Focus on the Family’s viewpoints.
“I got a call from an alumnus that was pretty outraged by the fact that Tim Tebow was going to be in this commercial,” Stokes said.

It seems to me that tolerance goes both ways. Form what I gather, Tim isn't disrespecting the LGBT groups or even commenting on them. His association with Focus on the family is purely to celebrate life, something everyone should be behind, and even if he didn't approve of the gay lifestyle, so what. People are entitled to their opinions, no? Of course Tim has support from some people at the University of Florida:

Camille Jacobs, a UF junior and member of Campus Crusade for Christ, said she was excited to hear that Tebow has this opportunity. 
“He’s just standing up for what he believes in,” Jacobs said, “and no matter what you believe in, it’s going to be controversial.” 
She said students of the Gator Nation will probably be behind him “whether they’re Christian or not.”
“He wouldn’t say things just because it kind of sounds good or will stir up trouble,” she said. “People know he’s speaking straight from the heart.”

Whatever the case, this will be a polarizing issue for many, those that are pro-life, and those that are pro-death. Those that say they are pro-choice just don't want to admit they are pro-death or really don't understand the consequences of what they believe. I can't wait to take a side.

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Chuck said...

Once again, the bigots come out of the woodwork. So Tebow should be silent about whether or not he supports the wanton killing of children according to some shitstain whose sole identity in life is defined by their sexual perversion?

Gee, what a shocker.

Leftists are the absolute scum of this earth.

Bungalow Bill said...

Only liberals could get upset at a commercial that celebrates a great life.

The Right Guy said...

It's also interesting that liberals want the government to control everything but the ability to kill babies, or better put a woman's ability to have her baby killed.

The Born Again American said...

Tim Tebow exemplifies "EVERYTHING" that is "GOOD" and "RIGHT" in this country...

These pathetic liberals will talk about the courage it takes some homosexuals to come out of the closet... Tim Tebow was never in the closet, you knew from day one where he stood...

If you knew anything about Tim, you would know that at the almost demanding from her doctors to abort her pregnancy for medical reasons, Tim's mother chose not to do so... (kind of reminds me of someone else, go Trig)The world is a better place due to her decission...

Coming from the world's biggest Gator Fan, I have this to say "God Bless Tim Tebow and his mother"

The Right Guy said...

Mr. Coffer, I felt like you were holding back. Tell me how you really feel?

Yeah, and the next thing you know pedophilia will be ok and a protected group. They're nuts.

Anonymous said...

I am now a Tebow fan.

Anonymous said...

I applaud you for pointing out the TRUTH- the Sodomite agenda IS 'pro-death' in its' deepest, darkest core: a man or woman who refuses to procreate, and then mars and disfigures the 'Imago Dei' within, not only is 'for' Death, he/she/it WORSHIPS Death.

WHich makes them gross idolators, as well as perverts. Thanks for pointing that out.

- Fr. John

Teresa said...

Liberals love to celebrate death and promote death but hate celebrating life. What a bunch of hypocrites. Liberals are really only for one choice, so in effect not for choice at all. They are for abortion-the death of our next generation, and past generations. I will always be pro-life.

Chuck said...

What pisses me off about the whole abortion issue is how the whole pro-abortion position is steeped lies. The very first one is the premise that killing children is somehow a religious issue. It isn't

Then there is the lie about choice. Women don't "choose" to go into labor. They choose to get laid, but no choice is ever required after that...unless you want to make sure the baby is dead. Then you "choose" to hire someone to kill it.

There are rational arguments to be made in favor of abortion rights, but the pro-abortion extremists don't seem to find them as useful as they find their list of tired lies.

They argue for a truly barbaric standard.

The Right Guy said...

The issue is one of life, liberty and freedom. In order for them to believe they can kill a defenseless baby, they have to believe they own the baby like a piece of chattel, like a farm animal. No more thought than that is given to it. They want to control life, death, and freedom over all people. It's the goal of socialism. Killing a baby is just one more step in that nihilistic direction. It's a materialistic philosophy that begs us to believe that basically we are no more than the sum of the chemical elements of what make us up. With these beliefs in mind, anything can be perpetrated against a human being. Killing a baby just reaffirm that control. If they truly believed in the tenants life, liberty an the pursuit of happiness, and understood it, they would perpetrate what they do. It's equivocation in order to be a control freak, and much worse.

The Right Guy said...

They would not perpetrate...

Chuck said...

It's as if the position on "kicking an old lady in the face with your boot", was about the integrity of the boot itself.

Don't tell me what I can and can't do with my own boot! How dare you ?

The Right Guy said...

They may own the boot, but not the old lady.

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