Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lech Walesa Endorses Republican and Gives America Tough Talk and Tough Love

According to Lech, we have lost our moral and political position of leadership in the world. This is very true and has been something coming for a long time, not just a recent development with the election of Barack Hussein Obama, although he has precipitated that decline at a breakneck pace. Don't believe me? Look at the actions of China, Russia, and our other enemies. They take the piss so regularly that America has become a Pissoir for the rest of the world.

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Teresa said...

I had not heard of Adam Andrzejewski but he seems like a good and moral man so I hope he wins the gubanatorial nomination in Illinois. Plus, to have the leader of Poland come all that way and make a resounding endorsement is really impressive. I wish we had Lech Walesa as our President now. He seems like a man of high caliber or of great character.

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