Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lowering the Bar

In an effort to boost Minority hiring, the City of Chicago is considering eliminating the entrance exam for the police force.According to sources at NBC in Chicago:
Dropping the exam would bolster minority hiring and avert legal battles, according to one source, while others confirm that the exam could be scrapped to open the process to as many people as possible.
However, the lack of an exam would make Chicago the lone major city without one, and experts contend that the exam is integral to eliminating unqualified applicants.

So how would they judge who to hire? Based on last name? Color? Political affiliation? Without some sort of consistent standard, it'll just be a continuation of dirty filthy politics in Chicago, not that the exam and psychological evaluation hindered it that much. Of course one of the proposed benefits of eliminating the test is that it will save money in testing costs. What will it cost tax payers in lawsuits and other cost for hiring unqualified applicants?

This is just one microcosm of the world Obama came from, and an extension of his presidency. Have a conclusion and make the circumstances support the conclusion. In other words, if we don't have enough minorities, change the conditions to suit that end, even if it is unfair, or has negative consequences. This type of a priori thinking is not in the sole ownership of civil rights and the left: It is used in business as well. There the line goes: You can make the right decision, or make the decision and then make it right. Basically it comes down to supporting someone's arrogant agenda and decision making in order for them to be right. It's the arrogance of power and conceit. Justice demands more than this.

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Anonymous said...

What an idea! Just think about it: A dumbed down cop can run his ho's on Friday night and work for ACORN on the weekend for some extra "Christmas Cash."

I'm so sick of this "progressive" shit.

Texas IN TWO!

Bungalow Bill said...

The city of Chicago needs dumb cops who will follow orders like confiscate their handguns without questioning the legality of it according to the Constitution.

We are heading to Idiocracy. I know you must have seen the movie. Americans corporations are leaving because of education, specifically in developing engineers. Chicago dumbs down their cop requirements, which I think is to bring on dumb thugs onto the force who don't question authority. What's next?

The Right Guy said...

As far as idiocracy, sports has it's share, but at least they are judged by their performance. Football palyers have to take the wonderlic test. It is sort of an iq test. Marino is a borderline moron, but he can throw a ball. Generally speaking, the smarter someone is, the less of a team player they are. Depending on the position, a too high wonderlic is a detriment to getting drafted. I think offensive lineman tend to score the highest. I took it on a lark and got 50/50. Marino must be a freaking pet rock.
Texas is looking better. I kind of like New Hampshire, but it seems it's getting more granola every day. Mark Steyn lives there though. I wouldn't mind having him for a neighbor.

Clay Barham said...

Incompetence? You mean, like General George Ripley, the Chief of Ordnance for the Union Army who turned down the Henry Repeating Rifle because he knew a good infantryman could load and fire three bullets a minute and any more than that would be a waste of bullets? And, for the same reason, he rejected the Gatling Gun. He was really watching the bottom line. That is our kind of bureaucrat, just like Obama and his crew.

The Right Guy said...

Too many Clays here. :)Yeah, history is replete with assholes that can't see the forrest for the trees or just plane like to drive the bus over the cliff. Sometimes we get it right. You want to talk about guns, John Browning did ok. The 1911 was and is a fine piece. The Garand was good, although not a browning creation. The M-16 is a piece of shit, from a battlefield perspective. It's like using a corvette for mud bogging.

The question we have to ask is, how do we happen to elect, appoint, or hire these narcissistic dufuses, sometimes sociopathic as well, in such positions? There seems to be an inverse relationship between good sense and politicians or bureaucrats. Until we screen out the needy narcissists from positions of power, we'll be forever doomed with the results we have been getting. Just my opinion.

chuck said...

Gee. No mention at all of how blatantly racist the decision is. Maybe they should just say they aren't going to hire anyone who is guilty of being white colored.

At least it would be honest. Getting rid of testing is obviously designed to weed out white people.

Clay Barham said...

A brand new, exciting program for home lighting has been announced by the president and a spending program for 280 Billion dollars will be allocated for development of the lightning bug lamp invention by Frank Flynstone of Flynstone Electric (FE). Lamps have been designed to deliver 40 watts of lighting using 3400 lightning bugs in each lamp. The 280 Billion taxpayer investments will build farms to grow the bugs and to build the feed stocks necessary to keep the bugs alive for at least one week. The lamps will be made from reprocessed refuse and screens made from Fiberglas. In all the jobs created in this program will create 25,000 new illegal alien green jobs and will provide enough lamps to light 1,000 homes. This invention will prove greater than that of Thomas Edison and the more expensive and energy-wasting incandescent light bulb. This amounts to one of the best government initiated programs for America. The Democrats deserve much applause on this very creative idea.

The Right Guy said...

Of course it is racist. I thought that was understood. Getting rid of testing leaves hiring up the whim of whomever is doing the hiring. It's bad enough civil service can have politics in getting a job. THis removes any idea of fairness. It's a new type of affirmative action. At least with hiring quotas, you know what to expect in terms of numbers. It's another make up the rules as you go along governing. The democrats have been good at that. Just look at the congress with Obamacare.

You forgot to mention that PETA and the ACLU will be filing an injunction against this bill on 13th amendment violations.

chuck said...

"Getting rid of testing leaves hiring up the whim of whomever is doing the hiring."

Of course, but that ignores the reason for the change.(and it's hardly a "whim") There is no shortage of qualified people to fill these positions. It's simply that the qualified people are the wrong color. It's Jim Crow/ apartheid type stuff. Racism is the only motivating factor.

Leftists are the scum of the earth.

chuck said...

BTW: "No mention" referred to the news piece. Not your response.

Whats left out of the article is the motivation for the move and it's solely due to a desire to make sure advancement goes to people of the proper color.

Again, it's Federal Jim Crow laws that have created the situation.

The Right Guy said...

it's a whim because the people that make the decision can do as they please. They don't have to justify it, they don't have to explain it. It might as well be whimsical. Affirmative action is racism, by any other name. Two wrongs never made something right.

Ever the aphorist Chuck, I will leave it to TR:

Justice consists not in being neutral between right and
wrong, but in finding out the right and upholding it,
wherever found, against the wrong.
--Theodore Roosevelt (1858 - 1919)

This is plainly wrong.

Teresa said...

This is utterly absurd! I guess this is all in the name of fairness and equality. Chicago is showing arrogance in thinking that unqualified cops are okay to put on the streets to keep citizens safe. If this happens, I have a feeling there will be tons of lawsuits due to incompetence and mistakes that could have been avoided.

The Right Guy said...

In this case, cops would be put on the street to keep people safe. It's to show how culturally competent and ethnically/culturally diverse the city's administration is. If it was about keeping the public safe, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

The Right Guy said...

Would not be put on the street. My bad.

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