Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The First Tea Party Victory

Scott Brown wins the first Tea Party victory and it's a key republican  victory which may stop obamacare. Tonight is a good night. Rejoice freedom lovers.

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Anonymous said...

Phewwwww! I feel about thirty pounds lighter. Cheers, Jim. I know you are drinking a cold one right about now.

The Right Guy said...

Pretty damn much.

Teresa said...

Yes, This is time to rejoice!!! This is both a historic and a momentous occasion!

Yeah!! Brown wins!!

The Right Guy said...

I hope he realizes his position in this. The next Sam Adams or Ted lite? It's up to him. Tonight is a good night, and I hope Pelosi & Co get it now. Then again may be not.

Anonymous said...

I was thrilled, but the notion of Scott Brown for president that may be going too far. Just my two cents.

chuck said...

"I hope he realizes his position in this. The next Sam Adams or Ted lite?"

It's not his position. He was put there. His election is an expression of popular will, not of personal triumph. There are probably 50 other people in Massachusetts who would have won that race.

The people matter most. Politicians are symptoms of public will, not arbiters of it. Apathy and graft kept the degenerate Ted Kennedy in office for a thousand friggen years. Take away the apathy and people like Scott Brown always win.

He owes his victory to Brakabama's brazen contempt for the American people. Brakabama seems to be holding course. That very well may be a wonderful thing for the future of our republic.

The Right Guy said...

Yes it is. He is in a position, as you said the people put him there. The position is one of responsibility, like being a parent, minister, or in this case a politician. A representative. My question is a valid one. Will he realize what is before him and act responsibly, but also with the knowledge why he is there and what his constituents expect. Remember, we are dealing with the peoples republic of Massholechusetts.

The Right Guy said...

Tammy, thanks for stopping by.

chuck said...

I suppose a better term would be "office". Everyone is in a position of responsibility, but not everyone holds office. An office belongs to the people who created that office, not to the particular human who happens to occupy it at a given moment.

I find our splitting of hairs much more enlightening than trying to potty train the average proud leftist.


The Right Guy said...

Well, he better damn well have some respect for the situation he is in. Odumma made such a mistake. he thought that just because he was the first black man elected president, it meant he had a mandate to socialize our government and society. Such hubris is incredible, but as you say, liberals are scum of the earth. Lie Pelosi and Reid, they overplayed their cards, and white knuckled over the cliff. While this bodes well for the GOP, the GOP better realize easy come, easy go, so they better get on board.

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