Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Government Motors Still Can't Get It Right

For the umpteenth time, GM can't seem to unload a devision it wants to get rid of, for whatever lame reason.

Let's look at history:
They made such bad deals with unions such that GM has to tag on $4000 to every car they make in order to pay benefits to people that don't produce for them anymore. They killed off the oldest car manufacturer in the United States. After the government took over, they killed off Saturn and Pontiac, and tried to sell Saab, Opel and Hummer. All failed. This company is riddled with poor performers and with Obama running it, it's gone down even faster.

Judging by the fact that the Chinese government wouldn't ok the sale, I have to wonder why? I imagine that Obama's snubbing them time after time might have something to do with it. Politics factors in here as the Chinese government runs business there.

May be this is a blessing in disguise. Where are the machers out there that can secure financing and buy the marque and keep it here? Harley Davidson employees bought their company back. It's a shame about Pontiac and Olds. Both great marques that were killed off for no good reason. I couldn't care less about Saab, Opel or Saturn as I don't care for the marques, but it is a shame in the sense that malfeasance led to the loss of jobs in these companies.

Bottom line is that as bad as GM management was, it's worse now that it is run by Obama and his minions. Don't believe me, look at Ford.

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LL said...

Where I might have been disposed to buy a GM vehicle and have owned them in the past, now I refer to them as "Obamas" and won't touch one with a ten foot pole. It's just my little jab at nationalized industries - national socialism, if you will.

The Right Guy said...

I bought a Suburban last year. It wasn't my first choice. I wanted to buy the Ford Expedition EL, but Ford dealers around where I live didn't have any and they didn't want to try to get me one. That's Iowa for you. No competition, so they don't give a crap. So when we went to the Chevy dealer, they had a Suburban, actually several in stock. Ford's loss at that point.

After living with the suburban, I have to say I am not enthralled with it at all. undersized engine for it's size, overly controlled engine and chassis management that I feel like I am fighting at times, small inside for how big it is, especially the driver's cockpit. It's made for a woman, plain and simple (My 2001 Jetta has more leg room). The thing rides too much like a car, and doesn't have much clearance for a 4x4. It was expensive to buy, eats gas, but that is no shock, and the interior is rather cheap for the price.

I am not sure if the Ford would have been better, but at least I wouldn't have a stake in Obama motors. Never again as my jewish brethren say. If I didn't have 5 kids to tote around, I would have made a different choice.

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