Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why the Tea Party Must Die

Suppose you owned a business, it is a successful business, although it has had it's ups and downs and you are in a down slide, but your competition across the street has really screwed up badly and you expect to pick up some business because of it. In fact, you plan to make a killing and wipe out all of your losses.

Now imagine some of your customers and now ex-employees have decided to open their own business competing with yours. They are disgruntled: In the case of the ex-employees, they know how badly you run the business, and in terms of the customers, they know that too, but from the lousy service they get and poor products you sell. The problem is that your business and the one across the street are a biopoly, that in fact together have 95% of the market share. You both have a good thing going, and while there is no way that one business could do it all, two businesses will maximize their profits without any real consideration of competition and customers have no where to go.

So those ex-employees and ex-customers open their own shop, but they don't have the organizational skills to run a big company...yet. They have lots of customers that are disgusted with the biopoly, and want to buy their product. It looks like they very well could knock you off and replace you. The other company isn't as worried because they didn't lose quite as many customers or employees, and even if their fortunes have gone downhill, they think they will weather it. What do you do?

One, you can try to out compete them at their own game, but since your brand is damaged, this is a tough row. The other option is to buy them out. Co-opt them. Bring them back in the fold and then when the ruckus has died down, fire every one of them one by one slowly, and get back to business as usual. All it takes is some money and a lot of dialogue with them, convincing them you have organization to make their ideas successful. It could work. It worked 10 years ago when the same thing happened before, so it should work again.

I think you understand my allegory. I hope so. It's like good cop/bad cop, except what criminals forget is that they are both cops. IF the people in the leadership of the Tea Party have any sense of honor, loyalty, ethics and morality, they will stick it out and forge something new. IF not, it's meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Care to talk about it? I'd like to know what you think.

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Ran said...

...OR, the Tea Party types can show up at Republican and Democrat local party offices and get involved and do it from within.

"So, man, you want to run as a Republican? Great! What exactly is your view on government as charitable provider?" - and go from there.

It's only a game of new/old if we get lazy.

The Right Guy said...

It'll never happen from within. Those that are in power seek to keep it. They won't let it happen. If that was so, then we'd still have the Whigs. In 2000 the GOP co-opted the socons and Bush got elected. After that they appeased the socons for a few years and then backed the bus over them. Same shit, different day.

You saw Palin at the tea party convention. She got 100K for that. And on top of that, she's not come out for them as a separate party. It's BS. My truth is that the GOP needs to go as the Whigs did and be replaced by the Tea Party. Anything less will give the result I have stated. Then in 6-10 years we'll be moaning again. Getting rid of Obama is a good thing, but doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result is insane.

The Tea Party represents enough people to appeal to the mainstream. The GOP knows this, and that is why they will do as I have predicted. They are scared.

On another note, Scott Brown is not a conservative, or a tea partier really. In fact, wan't he for Romney Care? It's the good cop/bad cop deal. Doesn't anyone get tired of it? SOmeone once said we get the government we deserve. Amen.

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