Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Obama Doesn't Deserve Second Term

Bad news from friends: CNN poll finds the 52% of americans think Obama doesn't deserve a second term.

From The Hill:

52 percent of Americans said President Barack Obama doesn't deserve reelection in 2012, according to a new poll.
44 percent of all Americans said they would vote to reelect the president in two and a half years, less than the slight majority who said they would prefer to elect someone else. Obama faces a 44-52 deficit among both all Americans and registered voters, according to a CNN/Opinion Research poll released Tuesday. Four percent had no opinion.

This is even worse than his approval ratings, and it's from a poll taken by friendly media, to say the least. This does not bode well for Mr. Obama, but there is still over 2 and a half years until the next election. The GOP has plenty of time to screw things up in the mean time. Remember Bill Clinton in 1994?

The difference is that Bill is a master politician, and the only Republican president we've had since Reagan. Obama has more hubris that Bill, and he's a lot more interested in being right in his own mind that doing the right thing. I find Obama an interesting narcissist. While he thinks he is the one to save us from ourselves, he has no idea what people's perception is of him, or he does not care. He's the bus driver going over the cliff. Ler's hope these numbers continue to slide. 6 and half more years of THe One would be intolerable.

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Chuck said...

Second?? Shit fire! He doesn't deserve to finish his first. The election of this self-important lump of shit is a national tragedy.

The Right Guy said...

Yes, but getting him to leave before this term is over isn't so easy. The other thing is we'd have Uncle joe in charge. He's as looney as a bag of squirrels, although on a personal level, he's probably a better human being, at least that's what someone I know who would know tells me, and he has met both, having worked at U of Chicago with Obama and tried to engage him in 2nd amendment debate. Obama's response was to literally turn his back on him.

So, can you believe C-PAC straw polled Ron Paul as the leading republican for 2012? That's pretty bad, although Romney or some other republicrat would have been worse. The real poll is what counts though, and that isn't until 2012.

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