Monday, February 08, 2010

W: Miss Me Yet?

Along I35 in Wyoming Minnesota, there is a billboard, shown at left, showing former President Bush waving, with the question: Miss me yet? While The Right Guy has never been a groupie of W, I do believe he is a good man, an honest man, and did what he thought was right, even though I believe he was wrong at times. With Obama, I don't think he is a good man or a particularly honest one. He's also a leftist progressive...But I digress. Yes, we miss you W, compared to what we have now, you were practically Reagan. Well, not quite, but close enough for some of us to ask ourselves, what were we thinking? I am not part of that group, but I have to wonder how many mush in the middle voters mumble to themselves, "WTF?", after reading that billboard.

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Teresa said...

I do miss W quite a bit now. He was an honest and moral man who did what he thought was right during his presidency. Sometimes I disagreed with his policy, but who can agree all the time?

The Right Guy said...

Former mayor of NYC, Ed Koch used to say, if you agree with me 9 out of 12, vote for me, if you agree with me 12 out of 12, you need a psychiatrist. Of course it is unreasonable to get 100%. With Obama he is lucky to get 5% out of me.

Bungalow Bill said...

Did you see the other sign Left Coast Rebel found down the road on I-35?

The Right Guy said...

Yeah I did. Funny. No linky love. Ok. It make make a big story though.

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